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It's Wednesday....

but not lunch date day - Sweet Geek has a violin lesson today at lunch. :grin: All the help he can get....actually, he's NOT that bad. In fact, for a beginner, he's really good - we'll see how it progresses. The kids...not so much. :ahem:

The pool was perfect last night - the perfect temp when compared to the weather. It was *wonderful*.

Scottish Monkey #1 is DONE, and #2 is begun. Just finished the cuff and am on the first pattern repeat....Monkey goes fast. And looks cool. It'll never be my "go-to" sock pattern - I like it, but not enough to have a drawer full - but it's a nice, quick, easy pattern to whip out.

Not much else to report......

Oh, wait - anyone have any experience with Open Office? They have a Mac version, it's FREE, and they claim they can read/write XL and WP files. Any advice?
Tags: blather, knitting, music, socks

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