Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's raining, it's pouring....

does anyone have Noah's number? I need to book some space for my has been raining since Thursday evening; constantly since late Friday. We....are living in a swamp right now. The creek is up over it's banks, up to - ALMOST - the run-in sheds for the horses. The pool is now overflowing - it was at the bottom of the skimmer basket (that's a good 1.5 FEET it's up, now!)

We pulled the trailer out yesterday morning to pick up some more R-panel for the goat barn. Found it on Craigslist - 10' pieces (USED, but hey) for $6/EACH. 8' pieces for $4.80 (we rounded up to $5 for simplicity's sake).....bear in mind that the CHEAPEST we've gotten 10' pieces is $18/EACH (do the math!); Home Depot has 8' pieces for $25. We got 15 10' and 2 8' (the trailer is FULL) - we need to go back and get 26-ish 10' and...let's see....16 12' pieces for the roof. (If we pull the air compressor out of the trailer, we can do it in 1 trip. I think) The roof tar to repair the current holes/rips in the panels was $17......we're still coming out ahead. The new stuff is blue.....I have a paint gun for the air compressor, and paint is cheap. We just need to decide what color the goats need. :grin:

Socks: Turned the heel and am moving down the gusset of Scottish Monkey #2. Will I be done by RH? Hopefully. I have my doubts - I didn't sleep again last night. :sigh: I figured out why, and that situation has been addressed, so...:fingers crossed: I'm hoping to nap during the game today. (Right.....we'll see how quiet the guys are. :snicker:)

Anna's got a good recap of current news on her site - go. She's pulled headlines about the new flu vacc.......and other important stuff. READ, please - and make up your own mind.
Tags: blather, country life, knitting, socks

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