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Hypothetical situation:

Say you are a contractor that has to input your time into an online database. Your time is billed out every 2 weeks, in pre-defined periods, and you are paid 2 weeks later.

Say the accountant calls you, and says "Hey! I have an expense receipt here that says you did some research for Prospect X last period, but you input Prospect Y for the entire period. I need the receipt to match the database!" - what would you do?

A) Smile and change the (handwritten!) receipt copy


B) Go in and muck up the online database

When *that* gets all straightened out, and the accountant says "I *need* a pdf of the *cough* corrected *cough* receipt, because Big Company requires receipts to be attached to the online Invoices so they can pay us, do you

A) Scan the corrected Receipt and e-mail it to your accountant


B) Scratch out the wrong info and FAX it to the accountant

If you chose "A" to both the above questions, I'd like to hire you to replace the idiots I've been dealing with today.

*I can't actually *tell* the contractors to change receipts, because *I* am doing the accounting contractually, as well. I don't know if the research company sends in their bills to Big Company, and I don't want to get in trouble for "falsifying" details. *I* thought (stupid me!) that the people involved with Contract Company would understand what I meant by "I need you to send me copy of the receipt". I was wrong.
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