Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Wednesday blues...

I do have another post on the Sabbath brewing, but I don't know that I'll have time to get to it - work is nuts right now, RH is coming up (possible Rapture-time, so....), and I am just all over the place right now. I *know* what I want to say, but don't have the words in order yet - IF the boss leaves after the bank meeting today, I'll try to get to it. :fingers crossed: I know I posted Torah Class's stance on the Sabbath a while back - if you're bored/interested, hit my "religion" tag and go from there.

Scottish Monkey Socks are FINISHED. I will try to get pictures tonight - I want to get them posted before RH. Just in case...:lol: They're lovely, they fit, and the colors are fantastic!

Got a call from Himself's teacher yesterday - they had the Writing Benchmark test yesterday. He scored 100 on the multiple-choice part ("that...almost never happens. There's only 2 kids in the *school* that did it this year!"), but had a slight melt-down at the creative writing part (NOT like Herself's meltdown - nowhere near.)

Seems the topic was "Write about an Adventure you've had" - the teacher defined "Adventure" as "something dangerous or exciting that you've done"...and he paniced. "I've NEVER had an adventure! I can't do this!"

His other teacher (the one that called - they "tag-teach" the advanced students) tried to calm him down - "Himself, an Adventure is something you've done. Not everybody rescues a Princess or wrestles an alligator" Him: "I've NEVER done anything!" :bangs head:

She calmed him down, and got him to talking about himself. She was amazed "He says you have chickens? And get green eggs? And need a 2nd refrigerator? And are building a barn to get goats? And his dad makes goat cheese? That's - incredible! So cool!" Then I hit her with "No adventures? I guess going to Big Bend and traipsing 2.5 hours to Mariscal Mine - they used to mine Mercury there - or going to NASA 2-3x year don't count?" :evil grin: I didn't mention the horses/large dogs. I didn't want to break her brain. :lol:

Anyway, I got it sorted - he's ready to write his story now, and he understands that these are set up for you to write about what you know. They just used fancy words. He's cool now.

Gotta run - need to pull financials for the bankers. Again.
Tags: blather, kids, knitting, religion, socks

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