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*I* still haven't seen the new moon. It's been too overcast/foggy for it. No stars, either - it's weird. :shrug:

Anna posted an interesting possibility yesterday (she keeps editing her posts! :lol: Always with the adding of new stuff!) - we KNOW Obama isn't the Messiah, and we know he's not the A/C. Could he be the Mahdi? It's possible...and it *fits*. :pondering:

Another jumpy night. Fall begins today at 4:18 PM.....

Coworker is having her foundation work started today, so it's just me at the moment. Supposed to have lunch with the husband - that'll be nice. Even if I do have a touchy stomach...and I STILL have a bit of headache. :sigh: Ah, well.....

Rained again last night. We'll be floating soon.

Cracked the back case of my iPhone last week. Right above the charger - it still works. Apple builds a good product.

Off to hunt up some asprin.
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