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busy day

whew! it was a long, but very worthwhile trip! the wonderful, terrific kae is even nicer in person (she gifted me 2 balls of colori's sock it to me collection - they are wonderful!) and the wingnut is great, too.

my it is gorgeous, huge, colossal.....and currently in pieces in my studio. *g* i can't wait to get it reassembled so i can play on it! i've got pictures - i'll try to post them on monday..but pictures just don't convey the massiveness of this piece of swedish goodness. wow.

and.............someone is coming out tonight to look at the leclerc. that would be awesome - to sell it the day the glimakra takes up residence. *g* if so, i'll be ordering the extra 4 shafts monday morning......just 'cause i can!

my arm hurts - i think i did too much today, but - whee! i have a new loom! and yarn! and might be housecleaning! *g*

oh, and my mother gave me a late b-day present - a small mp3 player. whee! it's not an ipod, but - it's a mp3 player! and it's mine! and i can like, use it *now*!

*does happy dance* today was a good day, i think!
Tags: weaving

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