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Long and maybe confuzzled...

Allrighty, then - RH 2009 *wasn't* the Rapture. So...where does that leave us? My faith is still intact.....but I want to note down some ideas I've got. Anna's going to really dig into this more (she's got more background than I do!), but I want to get this down, anyway.

OK, *everyone* knows that RH is the next Feast to be fulfilled. Christ fulfilled the first 4 with His death and Resurrection, then there's the long "Gentile Summer", then it's fall, and time for the last 3 Feasts. Since the first 4 were fulfilled IN order, it stands to reason the last 3 will be the same, right?

Well...all the signs point to a 2009 Rapture. Even George Ure's webbots point to it! So...what's up with that? I dunno, but I have a few thoughts:

1. The Rapture's happened, and I was left out. This one has to be tossed out - not because of *me*, but because my kidlets are still here. They both have the unwavering faith of a child, and, thus, would be gone.

2. Rapture is separate event, NOT tied to the Feasts. RH has been....trumpeted, if you'll excuse the THE Rapture for...well, *years*. It's in a couple books I have, a lot of Messianic sites have been singing it, and so have I. That.....doesn't sound like a "thief in the night", does it? What if RH is simply...the knock at the door, so to speak? (Or the letter/phone call announcing the Guest is on His way) which leads to:

2a. OK, so what if RH *ISN'T* the Rapture, but the Rapture IS a partial fulfillment of another Feast (like Christ's birth was of Sukkot)? I can see this - Judgement Day (the Elect is judged worthy of NOT suffering) or Sukkot (c'mon - Tabernacles? We're GOING to THE Tabernacle! :lol:)

3. RH isn't everyone at once, but a 1x1 thing. When you harvest, you don't do all the fields at once- you do them one at a time, in a certain order. So...maybe the Rapture *started* on RH, but is an on-going thing. "In the twinkle of an eye" kinda nixes this one, but I wanted to toss it out there. (I'm thinking "out loud", if you will)

4. The Rapture isn't what we (and the church) thinks. Noah and family were still on Earth during the flood, they were just kept out of it. The Hebrews were on the Earth during the plagues, they were just kept out of the 2nd and 3rd sets. Lot and family were still here for the destruction of Sodam, but were kept out of it......that doesn't jive with John's vision. Or the other verses. I'll mark this one off, too.

Now, I have a confession to make - I haven't always been such a devout Believer. Back in...either Jr. High or High School, I got ahold of a book on the celtic/pagan festivals. It absolutely gobsmacked me, and honestly - opened my eyes on what the church actually *was* and *was not*. That book told me that easter was......based on a pagan fertility festival.

Bear with me a minute. I was a preacher's kid, I *knew* God; heck, thanks to my Daddy, I had an "in", if you will. To discover that the church had *lied* to me...well.....and then I turned to the winter entries, and discovered giftmas was based on yule......I had a crisis of Faith. To find out the church had lied about the 2 biggest, holiest days of the year.......I actually left the church for a bit over it. (Don't get me wrong - I still went to church, but my beliefs were rocked right off. I was just marking time there to keep the family happy. Honest truth, here!)

When I came "back", it was because I was married and expecting a child. I wanted my child to have Faith...but I wasn't sure the church would provide that. I was cynical - and I had *gasp!* started reading the Bible for *Myself*. Something in the church wasn't right, but I couldn't put my finger on it.......I kept running across verses that told me what the church had said on Sunday wasn't correct.

Then Steve was killed. *That* was a turning point for me - I decided to let Yah handle things. HE was in charge, not me - and it was a conscious decision on my part. I won't keep nattering on...but that started me really, really searching....and it led me (eventually) to Anna's site.

She pissed me off, at first - because she was flat-out saying what I had felt for years: the church was basically a cult, now, and totally wrong. Yes, it pissed me off - even though I had seen lies, I still wasn't ready to give up on it yet. I went to the Bible to prove her wrong...and couldn't. I read more...and she mentioned Torah Class. I went, I read....and became more convinced that the church was poison to True Believers, and "converted" to Messianic Judaism. (Yeah, I just admitted it. Out Loud. My Dad must be so proud. :sigh: Sorry, Dad!) (And...there is no "conversion". If you believe in Jesus as the Son of God who died for your sins, you are grafted into the Jewish nation. You BECOME a Jew in God's eyes. This is first laid out in Exodus......then in Ruth it is expounded on, and it's restated in the NT.)

Anyway..back to my point. When I discovered the Feasts, and how much I had *lost* by following the church's pagan ways, I was eager to learn *everything* as fast as I could. I have books by the truckload on Messianic beliefs, on the Feasts, even on Judaism. ALL the Messianic ones state that RH IS the time of the Rapture. The Feasts are a timeline, if you will, and the first 4 were filled in Christ, so..RH is up next (incidentally, the church NEVER told me about the 7 Feasts. I knew about Passover...but NOT that it was expected to be celebrated FOREVER. I had never heard of Unleavened Bread (I was Passover, not a separate Feast), or of FirstFruits (the Resurrection - Hello! The church should be preaching this one!)...and I thought Pentecost *began* in the Upper Room with the flames and tongues. I didn't KNOW it was all laid out in Leviticus. :bangs head:)

SO.......RH 2009 has passed, and we're still here. Which means..what? George Ure still says TPTB (the church) will "lose an arm" this Fall.....and that there will be "many disappearances". So.....what does that mean?

It means 2a is probably true. ALL the Feast books I have, all the Messianic teachers I've read, all say RH is *it*. Well......if that is true, than the Adversary *knows* this, and will take steps each and every RH to *stop* it. (Not that he can, but.......) It is supposed to come "like a thief in the night", "no one knows the day or hour" etc.....which DOES NOT sound like RH, now does it?

Anna is doing a much better blog on this - part one was yesterday, part two is today. I'm looking forward to it...

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