Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Bad Horse, Indeed....

Seems yesterday evening, Dusty decided it would be fun to tussle with Finn....only somehow, somewhere, he managed to find something to slice his right rear coronet band with. It's a relatively deep gash.....there was blood *everywhere* - on him, on Finn, and all over the ground. It looked arterial - bright, bright red, and it gushed when I washed the clots off. :sigh: He's now got a duct-tape covered diaper on his hoof, protecting the injury (which has, for the moment, quit bleeding. Finally. Last night was horrid) He's OK - it was just very, very shocking last night to see a bright-red horse when it should have been a gray one.

Today we busted the air compressor. It's now at Home Depot awaiting repairs (Note to self: Call them next weekend (God willing!) to see if it's fixed). The valve that controls the pressure going to the tool popped off. :sigh: Guess we weren't supposed to do any work on the barn today. (Sweet Geek did frame out the wall next to the milkroom door (by hand) and get the rafters on the feed room up. :sigh:)

Girls are out enjoying the grass - they loved the leftover french fries from dinner. :lol:

We found a Messianic Shul that has links to the Sabbath services......we watched today's. It was...well....I have a few reservations, but am willing to keep an open mind. We'll see....the rabbi didn't touch Revelation (and he should have, since he mentioned that one day EVERY nation would stand WITH Israel.....which won't happen until AFTER the battle at Megiddo. So........yeah.)

Must check the silly horse, again. Silly boy!
Tags: country life, pets, religion

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