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Monday, Monday...

Yesterday was...interesting. Sweet Geek had to go into work - only the contractors he was to meet with NEVER showed up. Waste of gas, that was...

Dusty is doing well - I need to change his bandage tonight, but he's not limping or anything. Silly horse.

Speaking of silly horses.......last night we were all going out to feed critters. Herself ran out ahead (aside: I HATE that. She's not the greatest around the horses - she's spastic, she's not calm, she flings grain everywhere, and...well, it's just not a good thing), Himself was putting up a video, and Sweet Geek and I were in the garage putting out mud shoes on.

I hear a, the girls were all out. I hadn't thought about it...when I heard the squeal, I went running out of the garage.....

To see the shed door open, and surrounded by 4 horses. Well, 3 - Boots (the baby) was half inside, trying to "help". :snicker:

I had to shove my way to the shed. Herself was backed into the corner, with the feed scoop in one hand and the other swatting at Boots. :lol: I got Boots out of there, only to have to shove Heart out of the way next (they were taking turns trying to get into the shed).

We got it sorted, and no one was hurt, but it *was* funny. Especially Boots - she found the hen scratch and tried to help herself. (I stopped that......we don't need scratch grains all over the shed!)

In other news, yes, it's Yom Kippur. Yes, I'm fasting (liquids, though - I gotta have something to keep the blood sugar up, or I'll pass out on the way home.). Yes, I'm at choice. :sigh: I have spent a lot of the day in the Word, though, so.....that's something.
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