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This has been building in my head for a while, so I'm going to get it down. It's Religious -so I'll cut it to spare my F/L.

Now....the Rapture didn't happen on RH this year. I started wondering (OK, I've been wondering for a few weeks now) if RH *wasn't* the Rapture, but something else. I emailed Anna, and she and I had a nice, long discussion about things - which led to her current posts on Prophecy and Tribulation and stuff. I learned *so much* from this - and dug more deeply into the Word than ever before!

Now, she's been alluding to the Rapture being YK. I still think it's Sukkot, but that doesn't matter - it'll happen when Yah wants it to. But....I woke up with some thoughts swirling around in my head, so I'm going to type them out to see what I can see. (I also wrote Anna about it...this is expanding on my email to her. I didn't want to fill her inbox with my ramblings.)

I have to back up a bit - this'll get a bit rambly. We watched a sermon from the Messianic Rabbi here locally on Saturday. It was, of course, on YK, and on how it's focus is Repentance. (I...have reservations about him. He added to the Prodigal Son - said Dad was pacing the roads looking for him while he partied. Um.....Sweet Geek said it's not a big deal...*I* said "If he adds something non-Biblical to THAT, what else is he adding to?" and dropped it. No sense in picking a fight over something that Sweet Geek will come to understand later on - he's not as far down the path to Truth as I am. Anyway...) His (the Rabbi's) definition of Repentance is "turning back to God". OK. That is one definition, and I have no problems with that. It's a good message, and it does fit the "theme" of YK.

Yesterday, I did as little work as possible (On Yom Kippur, you are to fast ("deny yourself") and do no regular work - it is a Holy Convocation. I had NO CHOICE in the matter - it really was a situation of "if you don't come in to work, you will probably get fired." We can't afford that right now - Sweet Geek is still supporting his aunt, and simply can NOT afford a 2nd housepayment. So...yeah.), and spent much time in my Bible and on Anna's sidebar. :lol: I saw the article "Repentance", clicked, and read that TRUE Repentance is when an unbeliever changes his mind about Christ and decides to accept Him as Savior. (Read the post - she backs it up with Scripture). Well, that led me to thinking...

What If: The sealing of the 144,000 was *ON* YK? The Rabbi said that this year there were thousands of secular Jews in Israel that were keeping YK for the first time in ages. It makes a sort of sense to me - the sealing is a type of Judgement, yes? So, what if some of the "secular" Jews....were Jews that had accepted Yeshua as Messiah, but were still keeping the Jewish Feasts (which we are commanded to do, by both Yeshua AND the Torah)....if they haven't made public their "conversion"...well.......

If so, then Sukkot would be the logical time for Rapture. OR......since Anna is holding that the sighting of the new moon in Israel actually set-off the clock (the new moon wasn't sighted until SUNDAY evening....*2* days late) (and I'm not arguing that point, since I honestly do not know)...well.. then the REAL YK begins tomorrow evening, yes? And would STILL be the day no man knows, since according to man's screwed up calendar YK has already occurred.

Now, the reason I keep coming back to Sukkot as being the time of Rapture is because of the NAMES of the Feast - it is Sukkot, yes, but it is also known as "the Feast of Ingathering" and "the Feast of Tabernacles" AND the "Feast of our Rejoicing". In Revelation, John sees the multitude in the Heavenly courtyard, praising Yah. (IN the Holy Tabernacle, Rejoicing.....) Do I know for certain - No. Besides, Sukkot is a 7 day Festival...I have no clue WHICH of the 7 days would be "the" day.....although I'm thinking it's the 7th day (7 being one of Yah's numbers, AND because, if I remember right, Yeshua stated he was The Living Water ON the 7th day, at the Water-Drawing ceremony).

I'm just...thinking out loud here. If you've read this far - thanks! :lol: Anna's also been thinking - she thinks that the 10 Days of Awe = the Tribulation being 10 years....I think she's right. Messiah said that the time would be shortened for the sake of the Elect....IF you add in the 5 days between YK and Sukkot, you'd have a 15-year Trib (IF we're right...we're just pondering right now).....remove the 5 years, and you have the 10 year Trib that was shortened, as Messiah promised.

And, just for those who've made it this far that are *totally* confused - I believe the Trib started Jan 1, 2007, with the ENPI treaty made by Solana and signed by many - including Israel. The first 4 seals were broken IN ORDER, in a logical progression of 6 months per seal - here, let me copy Anna for a minute:

Jan-June 07 was the ENPI
July-Dec 07 was the AoC formation (the "white horse")
Jan-June 08 was the start of the King of the North's moves (the "red horse")
July-Dec 08 was the first economic global crash (the "touch not the oil and wine - NOT famine, as the church teaches, but hyper-inflation)
Jan-June 09 was the emergence of swine flu pandemic (death by many things, including "death by death")

The 5th seal is the Martyr's Plea (in Heaven, which we are not privy to), the 6th seal is a preview of the "main attraction" - the 7 Trumpet judgement and 7 Vial Judgements, and the 7th seal is "silence in Heaven for half an hour". The Rapture occurs sometime between the 5th and 6th seal, as does the sealing of the 144,000 Jews. So....that's where we are today.

Oh, and if you think we're nuts for thinking like this, I'd like to say that George Ure and his webbot project actually say the same thing, but in non-religious terms. In fact, they are looking for a rash of disappearances soon, Israel to lob some missles into Iran in October, 2 "rebellion leaders" to appear in the Spring (Rev. has 2 Witnesses due to appear AFTER the of which is prophecied to be Elijah, who is supposed to reappear at Passover - SPRING).....and the Trumpet and Vial judgements listed IN ORDER. Just sayin'........stuff's gonna get bad FAST - are you ready? Even if you don't believe in God, you might want to get some food put back....prices are going to skyrocket (even if we're wrong about the other stuff, we're NOT wrong about that!) and try to get your bills paid down. Might wanna look into sustainable foodstuffs too - chickens, goats, cows (you're going to need dairy and meat), seeds.....I hope it's not too late!

And..this post didn't quite go where I thought it would. :shrug: That happens sometimes. :lol:
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