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no sleep last night.....I have this feeling of impending...something. Not doom, but *something*. :shrug:

Add to it the fact that my left wrist has decided to kill me. It (and my hand) is swollen, painful, and I have no fingerless gloves on me. :sigh: I do, however, have my E-balm, which is now slathered on my left appendage. Here's hoping. (I do have a CTS brace on my desk that might get broken out in a bit if the E-balm needs help)

Sore wrist comes from my co-worker. She let us borrow one of her late husbands air compressors yesterday - and stupid me hauled it to the truck. :sigh: It's heavy - not as heavy as ours (this one is smaller, with 2 small tanks. Ours is HUGE (26 gallon air tank) and on wheels) - but the lack of wheels means you have to carry around, instead of rolling it.

She also gave us an Attack Uno game...the kids LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's fun....and did I mention the kids love it? I know what we'll be doing this weekend.....
Tags: blather, kids
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