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Yes, Really.

Somebody asked under yesterday's post about my claims on the bacon-flu virus. Instead of putting these in the comments, I decided to post 'em for everyone to see. I'm NOT making this stuff up, and I'm not fear-mongering - I just want to know WHAT is in this shot that is "so important" we take it? Despite the fact that the swine flu really isn't that much worse than the regular flu?

Flu-tracking bracelet:

Quarantine or Fines: and actual text here:

Specifically, it violates the 4th Amendment and the 14th Amendment, plus adds a few more violations of our personal freedoms.

Health care workers must take the shot or get fired:

APF moving in, but won't say why or who brought them in: and an update:

Comments on the original article mention this is going on in other states. - body bags were sent out WITH the vaccine:

Mean anything much? What does that say about the safety of the vaccine??

Oh, and a Canadian study showing the shot makes the flu *worse*:

Note the study participants, please....this wasn't a small study by any means.
I left the links as links, so you can see where the info came from.
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