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Well, Shit.....

my iPhone is dead. Deader'n dead. I called my mother (to check on Snips), it worked fine. I put it in my pocket, then went downstairs to go get lunch. In the car, I pulled it out and flipped the ringer from "off" to "on"...and nothing.

Usually, you get a vibrate and the screen pops up with the "on" or "off" symbol..this time? Nothing.

I've tried to reset it. I've tried to turn it off - but it IS off. Sweet Geek came over and plugged it in (thinking that *maybe* it was low battery - but it shouldn't be, because I charged it on the way to work this morning). :sigh:

Since the boss'll be in, I can't call I get to go to the AT&T store to see what they can figure out. Probably have to buy a replacement....since it's exactly 1 month out of warranty. (Of Course it is.)

:blah: If I didn't have another year to go on the contract, I might consider something else...but I *LIKE* my iPhone. Or - did, when it worked.

ETA I did a forced reset - again - and this time it worked. I'm thinking the cussing under the breath helped. Didn't hurt. At least I don't have to buy a new one - yet! (And...I still have 50% in the battery. So...not sure. According to the Apple iPhone support, "frozen" iPhones are common. Great........
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