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spin a yarn
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Date:October 6th, 2009 02:23 pm (UTC)
FWIW, the dollar has been doomed since they abandoned the gold standard. Once a currency stops being real money and becomes a paper fiat currency, it eventually inflates itself to death. Exactly how long this takes depends on a number of variables, including how creative the money managers are and how greedy the government gets.

It's also worth noting that Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait (for which he had some small justification*) was a convenient cover for his real crime which was attempting to replace the dollar with the euro as the oil currency. Saddam was taken out as an example to bring the others into line. It's difficult to use force against the Saudis -- the whole Islamic world would be pissed at having the infidel in their holy places -- so using force against Saddam, and stationing lots of US troops in Saudia was a neat way round that. After all the US troops are in Saudia (as well as Bahrain and Kuwait) for their protection, not as an invading army. However the subtext...

*Saddam had repeatedly accused the Kuwaitis of cross drilling into Iraq's oilfields. There had been several attempts to mediate this. Saddam's invasion was a response to the failure of a diplomatic solution. Many of the atrocities we've been told about Saddam's troops in Kuwait (and Saddam's treatment of his own people) are fabrications designed to engage the emotions of the American people at the expense of logic.
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