Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


and, rain is forecasted *again*. It's bad, folks - I have *moss* growing on the dirt in my back yard/pasture! :ick: I've almost forgotten what the sun looks like...

Started yet another fingerless glove last night. Pulled out my "snowflake" (aka "Winter Socks") yarn - I have enough to do 1 glove. Which is great - 1 is all I need. (The right wrist is fine, it's my left one that needs the warmth). This yarn is fantastic - I spun it from a roving of silk/lambswool/kid mohair/angelina, it is SO soft and bouncy. :snuggle: It's knitting up quickly on size 6 DPNs....we'll see how long it takes. :grin:

Going to go see our goats this weekend. They're in line to be bred in the next week or we need to get cracking on the barn. Weather permitting, I'll do some more tinning tomorrow (Mom has a biopsy, so I'm home on kid-watch.) Of course, it's supposed to - sing it with me - Rain tomorrow. :sigh:

My Sabbath follow-up post has been put on the back burner...I've been working on Revelation lately. I've got lots of questions about what the church teaches, and what I'm seeing now (yes, we're *living* it, now. I believe the first 4 Seals have been opened, and possibly the 5th and 6th.) - it's not matching up. The church is wrong, of course - but I'm trying to figure out what is right. So...that's what I'm doing.
Tags: country life, goats, knitting, religion

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