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Previous Entry We are now officially Oct. 10th, 2009 @ 07:12 pm Next Entry
with goat. 5 goats, to be exact - 2 Nubians, 1 NubianxCashmere, and 2 Cashmeres. All are in the breeding pens now; we'll get the Cashmere & cross when the pregnancies are confirmed. (3 weeks, or so) The Nubians will stay at the breeder's until they kid - she gets to keep the does from them.

So...we gotta get cracking on the barn. And we would, if it would just QUIT with the RAINING. :gah:

In other news.....caught 3 mice today in the house :shudder: I think there's still a couple...hope not but.....:shudder:

The sukka is....bent, but still usable. The legs and roof are fine, the rods connecting the two are..bent. :shrug: We need to do something aobut that.
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