Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Sun - wait, MONday update

Boy, I hate holiday weekends - I am SO exhausted at the end of them that I *need* to go to work to relax! Seriously, today we:

Took the tin off of the front of the milk room and feed room, and the side of the feed room. Put the tin (white) that was on the side of the feed room on the inside wall of same, then re-tinned the outside with the (cheap) r-panel (blue). Re-tinned the front of the milk room, making sure the panels were "straight" (they were off MAYBE 1/2" before, and it drove Sweet Geek CrAzY. :lol:) We then finished out the front of the milk room (tinning around the window was a bitch!) and feed room, as well as putting the last panel up on the back of the feed room. We sank 2 more 4x4s (2 left to go - ran out of cement) and finished framing the roof of the feed room. :whew:

Having 2 air compressors helped - I need to thank my coworker sincerely for the loan of hers. Not having to depressurize, change tools, and repressurize was a HUGE timesaver!

We have 4 sheets of tin left; it's time to go get more. Need 12' for the roof of these 2 rooms; 14' for the barn proper. Also need some more 10' sheets, and maybe 8' ones as well. At $6/10' sheet, we can afford to do this - even if it IS "Frankenbarn" :lol: (It's not that bad - it's just that some of the panels are darker blue than others, and some are peeling more.)

We've decided we won't repaint for a bit - a nice, solid color barn is WAY down the priority list. We need to get a buck barn built, and a yard for them fenced (yeah....decided we need to have 2 bucks - 1 Nubian, 1 Cashmere. Weren't gonna, but found out that one of the Nubian bucks our does are being bred to is a "Star buck" - which means he has fantastic milking genes on BOTH sides of his pedigree. So.....IF one of our does drops a buck (hopefully the one bred with this guy), we'll keep him to improve our herd. Since you can't really keep a goat by itself - they need company - we'll keep one of the cashmere bucklings as well. :shrug:), we need to finish the front yard, we need to work on the, painting is kinda down the list.

I'm exhausted - we were out there from 8:30 to 4:00! I've also got a stomach ache - we were gonna have ribs, but I didn't get around to figuring out the spice situation, so..they'll keep until next weekend. Tonight was $0.99 cheeseburger night at Wings (BEST cheeseburgers in town -seriously!)...and Sweet Geek decided we needed a treat. My tummy didn't like the bread - but damn, it was good! :lol:
Tags: blather, country life, goats

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