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Previous Entry Quickie... Oct. 13th, 2009 @ 01:01 pm Next Entry
Hit the ground running this morning - had to get the contract work out this morning. He's spoiled - usually, he gives me a full day....last period I got it done in 5 hours, so..now he expects it. :lol:

Still stiff and sore today. Didn't sleep - I took 2 ibuprofen..which was a mistake. They didn't touch the pain...and I itched All.Damn.Night. :sigh: Hope I can sleep tonight...

Raining this AM...of course. :grin: I only asked Yah for it not to rain yesterday while we were working. He graciously held off the rain until 2:30 this morning. We'll see if He's as gracious next weekend - I've asked for *2* full days of no rain.
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