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Busy busy busy

It's the weekend, which means we've been *busy*! You know what, though - instead of *telling* you what we did, howsabout I show you? :lol:

It's been a muddy mess around here lately, what with all the rain. This is what our place looked like Thursday afternoon (after the daily deluge!):

This is right by the shed. Trying to get to the chickens from the shed is even worse - you can lose your boot/shoe if you're not careful.

This is the area from the garage to the shed/chickens/barn/horses. It's very slippery - you have to be careful not to slip and fall while walking. I think you can just see the pool there on the left side of the photo.

Very muddy, huh? The problem with it is (besides being, well, MUD) that it is sticky, gloppy, and slippery. You can see in the 2nd photo where the dump truck got almost stuck - the driver was rather surprised. It's....well, it WAS bad. :lol:

This is what 1 load of crushed cement looks like:

We got 2...and need about 3 more. :sigh: Still.....

This is what our place looks like after 6 hours (2 Friday evening, 4 Saturday morning) on the Kubota:

Yes, this is the same area as photo #2. Big difference, huh? :grin:

This is almost the same area - only in front of the shed instead of at the side. The whole area has been covered - it's great. You can walk without slipping, getting stuck, or losing your shoe. It looks a bit like a construction site, but I can live with that!

After we finished that, we had to run to Home Depot for more lumber. That took 2 the time we got home, got unloaded and got the kids sorted, it was 4 PM....too late really to start on anything. So, we set up the tools (it didn't rain! Praise the Lord for that!) we worked on the goat barn. Here's what we had when we started (what we did Monday, in other words):

This is the front of the barn, looking at the feed room. There will eventually be a sliding door over the opening, to keep curious horses/goats out of it. It'll also have a roof....soon. :lol:

More straight-on view, this time of the milkroom (window) and the barn proper (door).

So...that's what we had this morning. Now, we have that, PLUS:

Back of the feedroom and milkroom. I have windows on both sides of it, to keep it light and pleasant in there while we're milking. The roof will have fiberglass "skylight" panels in it, as well, to aid in light. So will the barn proper, come to think of it - electricity and hay/shavings/straw do NOT mix.

This is the view from the door of the barn. We have all the posts set now, and framed part of the doe's living area. The small space in front is where the door will be into the goat area; the space in back will be the door for the goats to go in/out of. Need more 2x4s and tin to get it finished, but we're getting there!

Next week's project: Buy the rest of the tin, and clean Himself's room. It's.....bad, ya'll. REALLY bad. Mice have found the gerbil food...and we gotta scrub his room down to make sure they're all gone. :shudder: I need more traps, too....

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