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It's a Monday...

but hey - the office has power, AND the door was unlocked! 2 for 2, there.....

I am stiff and sore and achy from the weekend. Need to find some sort of painkiller I can take - this is getting old. Or I am...:lol:

Ms boss is still sick, and she wants co-worker to go run her to the doctor, run her errands, I'll have the office to myself again. Means I get to try and figure out our bills....the "new" fridge really pushed us over the edge. Didn't realize how far until I totaled the checkbook this AM. :sigh: Ah, well - at least the dairy is just about set up, and the kids' Hanukkah prezzies are bought. Just need to wrap and number them.

Off to do some more goat research - they will be here the first weekend of November! :panic:
Tags: country life
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