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i am with loom

here is what a 60" glimakra loom looks like when it's dumped in the middle of your studio.

Big pile o'loom Big pile o'loom

and, here's what it looks like a few hours later:

Glimakra Loom Glimakra Loom

yes, it's big. no, i didn't assemble it myself - the 2 kidlets did the assembly, i just braced the big pieces and helped lift (1 handed!) the top brace, the countermarche, and the beater. whee! seriously, it was pretty easy - all the pieces just fit right in - himself had a blast banging in the pegs. he had also just about figured out the whole thing before we started....i think he's going to be an engineer. it took all 3 of us to install the beater..and i'm not sure we have it facing the correct way. (the thicker piece of wood is in the front, like it was a shuttle race. is that right?)

the seller didn't include the anchor pins for the tie-ups, so i will be improvising for now. i've already ordered a couple of bags, as well as the stuff to add 4 more shafts. there were also a couple of other things not included, but most of them can be improvised easily.

now, to get a warp wound so i can test drive the countermarche action! i actually *understand* how it all works - it all has to be perfectly balanced - but i'm not sure i can do it right the first time. but, since the jack loom's gone, i don't have a choice, do i? *g*

the upgrade was a bit more costly than i anticipated, but that's ok. i'll just wait on getting new reeds - this one has a 10 dent, and i can work around it for now. new reeds will run about $70 each (plus s&h), so i'll get those 1 at a time. i did get lease sticks, so i can mark them off the list.

i need to build a rack to hold the reeds, warping sticks (dad gave me a 70" venetian blind last weekend; i'm going to cannabalize it for those) and lease sticks. i can also put the table loom reeds in it....of course, exactly where i will be putting it, and the table looms, i have no idea. have i mentioned it's *big*? *g*
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