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Still Raining...

but - as of last night - we've only gotten a scant 1/2". :whew: The crushed concrete is Fabulous! No mud, a few puddles - but I can LIVE with puddles! Don't think we can get any tin this weekend, but we'll see.

Had a bit of an epiphany last night - I was driving home, thinking about the Sabbath candlestick holders Sweet Geek had me get. That led to thinking about the Jew's views of the the Sabbath doesn't begin until the Blessing is recited and the woman opens her eyes. (We won't get into the discussion of how, if she lights the candles and does the blessing at 2 PM on Friday, they believe that the Sabbath begins THEN.....because that's just wrong. It begins Friday evening at Sundown. But, I digress...)

I don't like the traditional Sabbath blessing. It says, in part "...and who commands us to light the Sabbath candles.", He didn't. NOWHERE in Torah does it tell us to light candles to welcome in the Sabbath. (Again, not gonna discuss all the OTHER things Torah doesn't tell us to do that the Jews claim MUST be done.) This led me to think about the other Blessings that "must" be done at a Sabbath meal..the bread, the wine, the dessert, the meat......which aren't in Torah. But....wait a minute...

Yeshua blessed the bread and wine at the Last Supper, which the church corrupted into Communion. THAT I can get behind - the Blessings aren't adding to Torah, they are simple Thank You's for providing the bread/wine (not gonna get into the rest of it - we do 1 blessing at the beginning of the meal, and a Thank You blessing after.) Does this mean that the Jews are right......not really. (And yes, the church has corrupted it - you have to be in a certain state of mind before partaking of Communion, you must do it on the proscribed Sundays (the Lutheran churches I grew up in scheduled it every other Sunday, and the High Holy days. Some Baptist churches do it only 1x month...some do it every 6 months...whatever. Yeshua didn't say we could only do it in His Remembrance on set days.....but I digress *again*. :sigh:)

Torah tells us to Thank Yah for providing us with everything. There's nothing wrong with that. It IS wrong to say that He commands us to do something, when He hasn't.

So. I *did*, in fact, get my candlestick holders yesterday. They're brass, with the Messianic Root symbol on them (the bottom is the fish, the top is a Menorah, and in the middle, where they meet, they make a Star of David. Way cool - and FULL of meaning. Even cooler - they were handmade in Israel. And under $50. :grin:) Sweet Geek and I discussed it - we'll be getting a kiddush cup (eBay. $4.99. For a porcelain cup and saucer. Nice, cheap...:lol:) and will start incorporating the wine and bread blessing each Sabbath. I just need to get some nice candles....the red camping candles we have will work for now...but they're kinda ugly. :lol:
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