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About Houston, we have...

Previous Entry Houston, we have... Oct. 25th, 2009 @ 11:41 am Next Entry
a framed barn. Rafters, even. What we don't have is tin.....that's on the schedule for this week - providing the banks don't go tits-up and we still have a monetary system. :lol:

Think I broke my wrist again Friday. Whacked it on the fridge corner. Fingers swollen, wrist ouchy...this would be, what - 9? 10? times I've broken it? :sigh: No, didn't go to the ER - 1, it'd be $100 I don't have, 2, it'd be hours before they saw me, 3, they'd probably misdiagnose me AGAIN. I know the signs, I have braces....so, I put myself in a brace and am going about my merry way. :sigh:

Himself's room is clean - we took out 6 bags of trash/junk. :shudder: We've caught 4 mice since yesterday AM, and I've seen at least 2 more. :shudder: Orkin is GONE....the guy was supposed to be here the first Sat. Never showed. Called yesterday, said he'd be here between 2 and 4. Guess what? He called at 2 and claimed he was stuck in the mud. I've had it - I am calling Monday to cancel. There's a local guy here with a Pest Control Service - he's cheaper, and local. We'll be calling him this week.....

Need to go check the bread...
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Date:October 25th, 2009 05:13 pm (UTC)
I recommend the Autonomous Self-replicating Mobile Vermin Exterminator myself. You can disable the self-replication module quite easily. They come in indoor and outdoor versions and maintenance is pretty inexpensive.
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Date:October 25th, 2009 07:27 pm (UTC)
I would LOVE one of those...but the Zoeymonster, Sgt Bailey, and Snips the never-still wonder pup wouldn't. I offered to borrow one of my neighbor's - she has 10. I think - and lock the canine units outside.....but was denied the privledge.

I should try again - and use your "ad" as part of the campaign! :lol:
Date:October 26th, 2009 02:02 pm (UTC)

Mouse in House

Every morning, our snap traps are full, too. We got D-Con for the campers, boat, and basement (and Brian's barn) this weekend, and more snap-traps for our survival stash, because you KNOW just when you need 'em, your old ones will come apart.

The mice are just CRAZY this year. But then, you know I think everything has been crazy this year...!!

(spin a yarn)
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