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Oh. My. What IS that...thing..outside??? - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About Oh. My. What IS that...thing..outside???

Previous Entry Oh. My. What IS that...thing..outside??? Oct. 27th, 2009 @ 08:07 am Next Entry
It's all...bright and shiny and my eyes hurt. The water is sparkling like jewels....and the...sky? Is that it?...is this strange shade of....blue. Very strange. I think I need to form a committee and go outside to investigate. :lol:

Review: Fixed pancakes last night using King Arthur Flour's Buttermilk mix. It requires eggs (See? I need to keep all my eggs!), milk, and oil - very different from Pioneer or Bisquick. It has malted barley in it....and I had to use powdered milk (we're down to less than a half-gallon, and I wanted to save that for the kids to drink. I'm scavenging change to buy a half-gallon to get us to Friday - I can't WAIT to get lactating goats! No more running short on dairy products....:oops: :off the rails:) - the overwhelming vote was AAA+++. The kids LOVED them. The mix isn't cheap - a 3 lb bag was $13 - but....I made the triple receipe (5.5 cups mix) and got enough pancakes to last thru Saturday (unless the kids go on an eating binge. Hope not....no milk until Friday!) - including what they ate for dinner! There should be enough left to make another triple batch :fingers crossed: Anyway, I've been told to order more of it to keep on hand. :lol:

It's supposed to rain tomorrow - I've requested it not, as we HAVE to go pick up tin this weekend, and we can't if it's wet. We can't afford to buy it new - used, it'll run us right at another $300; new..about $850. IF I've got the price right for the 14' sheets. :sigh: It can rain Sunday - that won't affect us. Please. :grin:

Need to find time to re-do our budget. Things, they are going up, and our income is not. (In fact, it gone down. :sigh: Oh, well...)

Supposed to do lunch with Ms boss today....hope not. Got stuffs to do!
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