Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Oh. My. What IS that...thing..outside???

It's all...bright and shiny and my eyes hurt. The water is sparkling like jewels....and Is that it? this strange shade Very strange. I think I need to form a committee and go outside to investigate. :lol:

Review: Fixed pancakes last night using King Arthur Flour's Buttermilk mix. It requires eggs (See? I need to keep all my eggs!), milk, and oil - very different from Pioneer or Bisquick. It has malted barley in it....and I had to use powdered milk (we're down to less than a half-gallon, and I wanted to save that for the kids to drink. I'm scavenging change to buy a half-gallon to get us to Friday - I can't WAIT to get lactating goats! No more running short on dairy products....:oops: :off the rails:) - the overwhelming vote was AAA+++. The kids LOVED them. The mix isn't cheap - a 3 lb bag was $13 - but....I made the triple receipe (5.5 cups mix) and got enough pancakes to last thru Saturday (unless the kids go on an eating binge. Hope milk until Friday!) - including what they ate for dinner! There should be enough left to make another triple batch :fingers crossed: Anyway, I've been told to order more of it to keep on hand. :lol:

It's supposed to rain tomorrow - I've requested it not, as we HAVE to go pick up tin this weekend, and we can't if it's wet. We can't afford to buy it new - used, it'll run us right at another $300; new..about $850. IF I've got the price right for the 14' sheets. :sigh: It can rain Sunday - that won't affect us. Please. :grin:

Need to find time to re-do our budget. Things, they are going up, and our income is not. (In fact, it gone down. :sigh: Oh, well...)

Supposed to do lunch with Ms boss today....hope not. Got stuffs to do!
Tags: blather, country life, goats

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