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Huzzah! I've asked that it hold off until Sunday, so - we'll see. Sweet Geek is off tomorrow and Friday, and we need to get stuff done around the house. And barn. Goats due to arrive NEXT weekend.....:panic:

Snips LOVES my yarn. It wouldn't be too bad, except she has expensive taste - she prefers handspun and Lorna's Laces to Wool-Ease. :sigh: After I went off on her last night, she *should* leave it alone..I hope. We need to get her a job. :lol: (Herding dogs are notorious for needing things to do. I've had them before - a Border Collie and an Austrailan Shepherd - but it's been a while. I'm so used to the large speedbumps I have, that Snips is driving me nuts. :lol:)

Finished Herself's wristwarmers yesterday...slow going, but they're done. I've started Himself another pair - this pair FITS. Fancy that. :lol:

Need to find a source for Sudan hay. Craigslist, here I come!

Later, though - gotta get to work!
Tags: blather, goats, kids, knitting

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