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It's Friday morning...

and it's raining here again. But not at the house - well, not much. We got a HUGE storm yesterday at the office....but, again, not at the house - we got maybe 10 minutes of so of rain. :grin: It's dry enough to park the trailer in the dirt in front of the barn....and we're going to go tomorrow to pick up tin (IF the guy is available. Sweet Geek has orders to call him today.)

Forgot to mention that the cream separator arrived Wednesday - from Ukraine. SUPER fast shipping! It's all there, looks I get to figure out how to use it. Well...*Sweet Geek* does, since it's his. :lol:

Haven't slept well in 2 days. Not consuming large amounts of caffiene. Will be bouncing off the wall soon....

Am 3 rounds shy of finishing Himself's mitt v.2.0. Then I get to do another one. :lol: They do work best in pairs....

Payday! Too bad it's all spent....:lol:
Tags: blather, goats, knitting

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