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About I am all over the place this morning...

Previous Entry I am all over the place this morning... Nov. 6th, 2009 @ 07:11 am Next Entry
Let's see...how about a numbered list? That'll keep me organized:

1. Ft. Hood: Horrible. I predicted yesterday, when NPR gave the alleged gunman's name, that they would spin it so Muslims were accused. As of this morning, that prediction is correct. Yes, his name and religion are Muslim. That does NOT mean he was part of a terrorist cell...but the way the media is spinning it, that's the conclusion *most* people will draw. And...it's just in time for the Nov. 8/9 date pinged by the web bots. (Look, our current pres. has a Muslim name. Does that make him a terrorist? *I* do not say that...but others do. I look at the spin the media puts on things, and I draw my own conclusions. Do the same.)

2. Sky: OK...weird sightings this morning. About 6:15, when the sun was rising and the sky was that lovely blue/purple/gray color, I saw what I *thought* was a shooting star. BUT...I've *never* seen one that flares blue/green/white and then snuffs out. The ones I've seen, IF they flare, flare white.....this one looked like a small explosion. I have NO clue what I saw - it was too fast for me to grab my phone and snap a picture.

THEN, as I was scanning the sky to see if this was an isolated incident, I saw a.....star? Something star-like, but it didn't twinkle, and it was *bright*, even in the sunrise. It was in the same quadrant as the shooting "star", but.....I could see it even AFTER the sun passed that point in the sky. Stars usually are faded by then - this was just as bright...it looked like a hole in the sky. Weird.

3. Discussions: Sweet Geek and I had a minor argument last night. About goat ear tags, of all things. *I* do not condone gov't interference in my personal life (well, no more than is already there - you can't escape a lot). *He* has no problem with it. Anyway...you don't need to tag your animals if a)they are under 18 months b) you don't intend to show, or c) they are destined for freezer camp. Well, OK then - the only reason *I* wanted to tag was to quickly ID the bucks and does - green tags for boys, yellow for girls.

HE wants to show. Which means we'd have to register our flock with the gov't, and get a premisis number. Ummm....NO. Just - NO. We are NOT going to be breeders, we are NOT planning on selling any kids - therefore, we really don't need to show, right? He got upset, because "showing would be good for the kids, and fun."

Let's see...I used to show horses. I had a breeding-quality stallion (still have him, in fact - Dusty is AWESOME :ahem:), and, back in the dark ages, planned on standing him to make money (in my defense, this was in the late 80's and early '90's, when the Arabian market was booming. It was not unheard of for someone to pay a $75K stud fee. Or $300K for an unborn foal. No, I'm not kidding - those are actual prices. Dusty's grandsire was standing for $60K/mare...with NO live-foal guarantee. InSaNe. Anyway...) I *needed* to show him to give him - and me - exposure to the mare owners out there. (I NEVER expected to make the big $$$...I had a planned stud fee of $2K. Even then, I wasn't nuts. Well, not too nuts.) A typical show, for me, was *1* class - halter. A beauty pageant, basically. I forked out at least $100 per show - for *1* class. You had a $50 stall fee, a $5 judging fee, a $10 non-member fee (I never joined the American Horse Show Assoc, because that was another $100/year.....sorry, but I only did maybe 6 shows a year. Wasn't worth it.), a $15 bedding fee, a $20 class premium....and sometimes there were other fees tacked on, as well. Some shows charged you for feed - even if you brought your own.

So....I don't know what it costs to show goats...but I'm betting the class fee and stall fee are the same. The bedding fee was standard - EVERY show I went to (and we traveled, and I got premium books for shows we didn't go to) had it. So..you're at $85. For FUN. Plus the hassle of having the state involved with *my* animals.

Look, I don't mistreat my critters. Mistreated animals won't produce for you - milk/eggs/pleasure. I DON'T need someone coming in and telling me that my facilities aren't good enough, so they need to take my animals away (and yes, that has happened. I happened recently to a friend of mine. Fortunately, he got assigned a good judge, who knew harrasment when he saw it. My friend got almost ALL of his animals back, but he still had to pay court costs and fines. He just didn't have to cough up the "care" fees the SPCA slapped him with. He'll also never get the 3 days he spent in jail back....all because someone wanted to force him to sell his property. INSANE.) Please don't tell me that I would have nothing to worry about if I do nothing wrong...because that just isn't true. If I invite the gov't into my business, then they have the right to do whatever they want - hit me with higher taxes (after all, I have a *flock*, therefore, I *must* be doing this as a business!), fees (you have to buy *their* tags, which are more expensive than the standerd ID tags, plus you pay for the surprise inspections. Isn't that Nice of them?) and....No. I don't need that.

Our "discussion" devolved into how the FDA has "helped" people....HIS view, not mine. I....never mind. It's not worth rehashing the arguement. We finally just dropped it - after he told me he's afraid I am "running with the wrong crowd and might get mislead by my blogging friends". :snicker: No, I am aware of what's going on...and you, my dear, are not. But I didn't SAY that, because I am not a stupid wife.

4. Which comes back to #1. Last night, I told him that I don't read/listen to US news sources, because they don't report on important stuff, and they spin it the way the gov't wants. He denied it. That's when I told him to watch the Ft. Hood story, and see how they spun it. I predicted that they would focus on the Muslim part, and totally ignore anything else. He rejected that idea......and then this morning, boom - there it was. "He is an American by birth, and Muslim by religion".....HeLLO, see what they did there? They *implied*, but carefully did NOT say, that his family isn't American for more than 1 generation. They didn't say "His family is American - they immigratedf 50 years ago" or whatever, they said "HE" is American by birth. Small detail, yes - and most sheeple won't even notice it. (And no, I'm not nit-picking. I'm watching the spin.....it's going the way I predicted it would, and that's sad. No mention has been made of the other 2 that are in custody - except that there are 2 more people in custody. They released the gunman's name....and, BTW, they said this morning LIVE from Ft. Hood that the gunman is NOT dead, he's on life support. Last night he was reported dead...so I'm watching that, to....anyway, why haven't they ID'd the other 2? It's interesting...)

5. The 103 page check is still kicking my butt. I have the check itself coded and balanced...but I can't get my spreadsheet to balance. :bangs head: Need to get cracking on that....
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Date:November 7th, 2009 02:10 am (UTC)
are you required to register your flock if you show through 4-H? last I knew 4-H didn't have all those ridiculous fees, at least not for the shows I participated in.
Side note:
I remember the Arab boom and I must say it was rather confusing as to why it happened. Don't get me wrong, Arabs are lovely horses, but I remember stockbrokers recommending people invest in them. Speculating on horse futures? Huh? Far too many really nice, highly bred Arabs found themselves in bad situations because of that, not to mention the unfortunate examples of Arabs that were created in an attempt to cash in. Having been active in the breed during that time, do you have any speculations on what happened?
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Date:November 8th, 2009 02:51 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure. We have a 4-H barn not too far from the house; right now neither kid is interested in showing *any* critter. This is something to look into...but Sweet Geek wants to do the showing himself, too. :crazy: and :lol:

Arabs: I think the whole thing was started by big breeders (the Boggs brothers come to mind) that wanted to unload horses that didn't fit their "look". Bask+ (or ++, can't remember :lol:) was their "baby", and they promoted the hell out of him, to the point that the market was saturated with his get. (And then...we find out that he carries a lethal gene. Not that anyone has actually *said* this, but I did some research a few years ago on F.O.A.L (which is now called SCID) and 99% of the horses listed were his offspring.)

Anyway.....I think the big breeders decided to unload, but they needed a "plan" - no sense in dumping horses for nothing, right? So they started the big Hollywood production auctions, and bid against each other (and I still wonder if any $$ actually changed hands..but I'm cynical) -then "normal" people saw the $$$ and got greedy. (Seriously - who *needs* a $500K barn? With marble floors in the stall area? Crazy!)

I wanted to breed an Arabian that could jump - before the "sporthorse" movement got started. I was lucky - I found a backyard breeder that actually *cared* about the horse, not the money, and got a fantastic deal on my foundation broodmare. Went back to them and scored Dusty - they were focused on Western Pleasure..and he is NOT WP material. Dressage and Jumping, now, he excels at. I got lucky. His foals have all inherited his athleticism.....and I just went off the rails, didn't I? :lol:

Arabs were the start of the "animal investment" scam. They were followed by ostriches/emus , llamas (remember that one?) and the latest - alpacas. I'm trying to figure what the next craze will be......right now, it looks like mini-dairy animals. They're breeding mini-Jersey cows, and mini-dairy goats (WHY?? It's not like goats are big animals!). Rabbits went thru a mini-craze...but, so far, nothing has gotten as wild as the Arab market. Animals just can't hold their value - I mean, $300K for an UNBORN foal? That might not make it to birth? Stupid. And sad......
Date:November 10th, 2009 09:27 am (UTC)
What you've said makes a lot of sense.
I have no real experience with Arabians other than owning a POA pony who was allegedly sired by the neighbors Arabian stallion. I did work around a few Arabian owners back then, one of whom was one of the people that you mentioned, back when he was working with a vile big name WI Saddlebred breeder to develop NSH lines. I worked at a boarding stable that handled the overflow from the big name SB guy's stable, and they boarded several Arabian stallions there as well. He was the main person that I had in mind when I asked my question earlier, and his site still talks about horses being an investment that appreciates in value. Yeah, maybe one in several thousand horses will appreciate, but only if you have the money to spend to promote them and KEEP promoting them. And nothing happens to them, and their lines or conformation don't go out of style or people don't get irritated with their promoter...again :)
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Date:November 10th, 2009 01:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah - the promotion part is what killed me. There was NO way I could compete with barns that had jackets with the horse's name on the back, full-color flyers (for a *6* month old colt! Crazy!), embroidered umbrellas, hats....the list goes on. And that was just for Regional shows.....Nationals? I priced it......MINIMUM of $5K. For 1 class. In 1990-ish money.

Horses are an investment - they're money-sinks. :grin: I get joy out of being around them...but money-wise? Not a good idea. Feed and hay aren't cheap, then you have vet bills (I do a lot myself, and it's still not cheap - I spent $200 last year on supplies. No shots - just stuff for cuts/scrapes/minor injuries. Big stuff.....loan time. :sigh:) I don't claim them on my tax returns - you have to show a profit 5 out of 7 years. Right......I might could have shown a profit 2 years ago (and I've had horses since 1986) for the first time...but only IF I didn't include feed/hay expenses. And fudged the original price of the horses. (I had to sell at a loss, because NO ONE had/has money for grass maggots. Even if you can ride 'em.)

It's....not right, but what can you do? The Arabian industry :snerk: shot themselves in the foot, and gave themselves a bad reputation. A lot of cowboys around here *hate* Arabs, because of that - they won't even consider a part-Arab as a work horse, even though they can move cows with the best of 'em.(My first mare, if she'd liked cows and didn't consider them of the devil, would have made a fantastic cutting horse - she could turn herself inside out, and spin on a penny. Too bad cows were out to eat her...:lol:)

Oh, and they're also pricing themselves out of registry fees. It's $110 to register a foal to 6 months, and $150 for 6 months to a year. It goes up from there. The Paint registry? $25, which includes putting 2 photos on the papers. This is why Boots isn't registered yet.....I don't have a spare $150 laying around for papers. :sigh: (Yes, you get DNA testing as a part of it.....but that's ridiculous. Blood-typing was cheaper - it was $65 to register. DNA testing really doesn't prove parentage...just proves that this horse could NOT have fathered that foal. But that's a whole 'nother rant)
Date:November 9th, 2009 02:22 pm (UTC)


Stephanie_in_AR is a friend of mine at da blog, and she's been a 4-H leader for 15 years. She says, YES, if you do 4-H with animals, you HAVE to register them with the county and state, etc. It's the law... you're bringing them in public. Which is why I passed on 4-H for my kids (and goats).

Not sure what to tell you about the funky lights in the sky. That's just weird. But I hear Texas gets a LOT of that - being so close to Arizona/Area 51 (or whatever it is).
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Date:November 9th, 2009 02:24 pm (UTC)

Re: 4-H

Well, that's that, then - NO 4-H for us. :shrug: No big deal - these critters are for personal use, so......

Yeah, wish I knew what the light was - I haven't even seen anything on it. :sigh:
(spin a yarn)
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