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Semper Fi!

Yes, today is the Marine Corps birthday, and my anniversary. I don't know whether to yell Semper Fi or Love you....Semper you just doesn't have that special "ring" to it, know what I mean? :lol:

Himself is turning into quite the reader. He's slowly plowing his way thru my Star Wars Expanded Universe books - these are *adult* books (NOT that type!), not kids' books, so this is very impressive (Yes, I pre-read them. Not that I expect anything R- or X-rated in them - Lucas is VERY particular about what goes on in his sandbox, but you never know). For a 9-year old boy, this is very good. I foresee a trip to Half Price in the near future to get more reading material.

Finished his fingerless mitts this morning. I now only have Sweet Geek's sweater as my carry-around project. Oh, no - what to do? :lol: The Chullo is definately a Stay At Home project - it's hard enough for me to juggle 2 balls on the table....would hate to try and do it in a car or restaurant! I'm up to the sheep.....which means I'll soon be juggling 3 colors. :sigh: I remember why I wasn't too upset when I put it down earlier in the year - I LOVE colorwork, but hate the knitting of it. :grin:

Am off tomorrow - the plan is to build the feeders and get some fence work done. We're going out to dinner tonight, and Sweet Geek said he'd stop at Home Depot for me (my Jeep can't handle the length) to get the wood for the feeders, so I don't have to go out tomorrow. Hopefully, my plan will be successful....we'll see. I'm starting with Premier 1's plans, but changing them to fit our barn better. Fun stuff.....I don't think in 3-D. This'll be interesting. :lol:
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