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Well, VBS was a hit. Much fun was had by all - I'm not sure what the "best" thing was, since everyone loved all of it. The adults bitched about the leater "critter" kits I got, but the kids loved loved loved them. Himself made the turtle - yes, He made it, with very little help from me (at 4, yet!) and snagged a butterfly to do at home. Herself whined about the lizard, but did most of it herself, and wore it proudly to church today. The t-shirts came out cute, but the paint didn't work as well as ink. Still cute, and quite wearable (just don't put them in the dryer as the transfer will come off!)

We got home and crashed. My wrist was totally in pain all day...ibuprofen helped, as did ice packs. I ended up taking pictures all day (I'll post some to my website later in the week) to try and keep the damage to a minimum. That was a bust though - Himself got mad this AM and kicked me. Kids.......

Found out today that our pastor raises sheep. Columbia, to be exact. He's bringing me some wool to play with. More stinky raw wool - hooray! (We're new at church - just joined officially today, so I didn't know about the sheep. He didn't know about the spinning/weaving/knitting addiction, so it all works out. ) I need to find an opportune moment to haul a wheel out there .

The kids got to play in the sprinkler tonight, and I finally plied off my Ashford Traveller's bobbins. They've been sitting for 2 years......oh well. The yarn looks nice - it's about a sock weight. Now, to get the CSM cleared out (sock #1 is on it now..for - guess how long? - 2 years. I really need to get back in the groove around here!) so I can see what it knits up like. Besides, I need new socks! I'm tired of my commercial sock yarn ones.

Tonight, I also found out just *how* out of shape I am. I got a new bellydance DVD on Friday (the Twins "slim down" one - I have almost all of their others), and decided to put it in. I'm still sweating and breathing heavy (gee, who do I know that I could call right now? )Herself commented that I was out of shape - I looked like a chicken that needed to lay a bunch of eggs. Glad I love her.....the kids and I worked out a deal where I can do a tape each night, then they can watch their movies. We'll see if it works. Herself likes dance, so she won't be a problem - she'll "dance" along with me. Himself...well, he was bored silly (he doesn't appreciate the view yet. Give him time......)but said he'd let me watch them. I think I need to get someone over to hook up the other TV and VCR/DVD for me so they can watch whatever *while* I work out.

Zoey the wonderpup tried to help out, too, but got mad when we kept stepping on her (in time, yet! We're *gooooood*!) She'll learn...I hope.

My wrist still hurts today, but I can't tell if it's less then yesterday or not (because of the kick this AM). The entry site is very very very tender, and I'm starting to bruise pretty loudly. (The doc said that would probably happen). My first finger and thumb are totally numb.....but not hurting, which is a vast improvement. I hope I get a little feeling back - I got hit by hot glue yesterday and didn't even feel it. Not good.....but I *can* still knit and spin, so, oh well. (I do have priorities, ya know!)

I need to fill up on water - so, later!
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