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Previous Entry If you value your freedom Nov. 11th, 2009 @ 06:22 am Next Entry
Go Hug A Veteran today! Thank them for all that they've done to ensure you the freedom to live here.

My sweet husband got me a gorgeous orchid yesterday. We'll see how long I can keep it alive. :lol: He also took me to Ziziki's (Greek...:mmmmmmm:) We then hit Home Depot - yes, he is a romantic! :lol: I made the mistake of eating some baklava, though...I KNOW I am allergic to honey. I KNOW it makes me itch. But it was SO DAMN good......and I spent the evening itching. :sigh: Benedryl to the rescue....but that's not really the way you want to spend your anniversary, y'know? :wry grin:

Today, I am building a feeder. Normally, I'd use scrap...but because this feeder is 2'x8', there would have been too much waste in plywood. We bought some....I dunno what they're called, but I think it's a 2x8 for the bottom, some......look, I don't know lumber, but we bought all new for the base, front, and back. :lol: It's going to be one solid feeder when I'm done, that's for sure! Still need to get a hog/cattle panel for it, to keep the hay in, but we can do that this weekend. The feeder itself is the important part!

If I have time, I'll be running fence. Also, If I have more time, I'll start the milking stands (got the plywood for that last night, too - why is it that you can buy a full sheet of 3/4" plywood for 1/4 the cost of 4 2x4 sheets? The 2 cuts were free.........:shrug:)

This weekend is roofing time. The breeder said she'd keep the does another week - so we're not quite so rushed. We still need to finish the side of the barn (won't take too long - we have 4 new saw blades now), roof it, and build the door to keep the goats in their area. I will be SO Glad to get the barn finished!

Laundry needs to be rebooted. I'll try to post pictures later...no promises, though. I've got a full plate today!
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