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Picture Time! - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Picture Time!

Previous Entry Picture Time! Nov. 11th, 2009 @ 02:02 pm Next Entry
OK, I promised pictures.....last week. And before. But that...that's ok, because I have pictures for you now!

The feeder was finished by 9 AM. All it needs is the metal fence panel for the hay - which I just picked up. I can't install it, though, until the feeder is moved into it's permanent position - the panel I ended up getting was 5' tall x 16' long. The guy at Tractor Supply was nice enough to cut it in half for me...but it was still a tight fit in the Jeep. (I wanted something a little smaller, but they don't have it. Premier 1 does...but I wasn't going to pay $21 PLUS shipping for a 30"x48" panel - I'd need 2, and I'd have to wait. This'll work, and it was local, and cheaper. PLUS I have a 8'x5' piece we can use for the doors - it's all good!)

Anyway, without further ado....

First up, the barn. The never-ending project. This is a view of the side of the goat area facing the house. Please note the large...holes. :lol:

Yes, we'll be finishing that out Saturday. And roofing...but I digress. Here's the back:

See the long piece leaning up against the back, there? That's covering the goat door - Sweet Geek put it up to keep the septic sprayer from getting him as we worked. We like it, though, so we'll be putting a piece there permanently to keep rain, etc from blowing in (the septic sprayer will be re-adjusted so it doesn't spray in that direction. Someday, anyway.)

Here's the side facing the horse pastures. We still need to put up another piece.....Saturday. I LOVE my window. LOVE it!

And - the front. Yup, still needs a piece - Saturday. :lol: That door is the only "official" entrance into the barn - the goat door is large enough for an adult human to go thru, with only a little ducking. I wanted to prevent any goat escapes - hence the 1 entrance.

Standing in the doorway, looking at the goat door - it's about 3'x3.5'.

And, ta-da! The back view of the almost-finished feeder. It's designed so that I don't have to go into the goat area to feed them - it'll hold both the hay and the pellets/grain.

Front of the feeder - the slanted board there is like a slide for the grain. Butted up against the bottom and slanted the other way - INTO the goat area - will be a metal utility panel. The spaces are 4"x4", which are large enough that the goats can get their noses in, but not large enough for them to pull out a lot of hay. Hay's too expensive to waste - and once a goat poops/pees on hay, it's not suitable for eating. Or so *they* think - they need to talk to the horses. :rolls eyes:

There will be a 2x4 attached to the 4x4 posts in the corners of the goat area, and the metal panel will be stapled to that. The whole feeder is pretty heavy - I'm not worried about it falling apart or anything. I am going to run some hardware cloth (leftover from the original chicken coop) along the bottom to keep the goats from escaping - but I need to wait until it's situated. It's hard enough to move *now*. :lol:

Here's a shot of the new chicken coop. It's nice - large enough I can get more chickens, but not so large it's hard to clean. The solar panel on top runs an attic exhaust fan - it moves the air enough that the coop stays about 10* cooler in the summer than the outside. The hens seemed to like it....

A quick shot of my favorite hen:

She's a silver-laced Wyandotte. She has no tail-feathers because the Austrolorp keeps pulling them out. Stupid hen.....anyway, isn't she beautiful? I love how the feathers are edged in black......just gorgeous!

And...a photo of my lovely orchid - it's still alive! :lol:

No pictures of my chullo v.2.0 yet - I figured I'd taken enough bandwidth with these. :lol:
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