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Blah de blah de blah

Not much to report this morning - I did do a picture post yesterday afternoon, if you missed it. :lol: Photos of the barn, chickens, etc.

Sweet Geek has been working late all week (except for Tuesday) - they are "moving the network" or..something. He's gonna be 1 tired cookie tomorrow. Poor guy....

Himself is excited - I told him he's in charge of pie-making for turkey day. He's already decided that we need an apple, a chocolate, and a pumpkin pie - FOR SURE. And maybe some others...I said, well....let's try to keep it at 2 or 3, OK? :lol: We'll see.....

Herself, of course, decided *she* needs to learn how to cook. Right. She's NEVER shown an interest - and claims now that I've never taught her. Uh-huh. I taught both of them how to cook eggs at the same time...she wandered off while Himself browsed the spice rack and asked how each one would work with eggs. :sigh: This'll get fun....
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