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Knitting musings....

Let's see.....the other day someone posted in one of the forums a question about stranded knitting, and then yesterday my mom asked about Since I'm in the middle of a stranded project, might as well talk about it. :lol:

Stranded knitting - or multi-color knitting - is NOT hard. If you can knit with 1 yarn, you can knit with more. It's just fussy. You have to work to keep your tension even over all the yarns - but it comes easier the more you do it. You have to *gasp* read a chart! Oh noes! Listen - you're reading *this*, right? Reading a chart is no more difficult.

Plus, stranded knitting is just plain fun! You're painting with yarn - and I get a kick out of watching the design develop. My chullo is going fast - mostly because I have to knit just One.More.Round to see the pictures. :lol: (I'm almost done with my sheepies - 3 more rounds to go! Then it's on to....well, you'll see. When I get around to taking photos - I'm too busy actually *knitting* :lol:)

Other knitting.....I need to finish my Fiber Festival socks. The first one is done except for the cuff; the second one is at the toe decreases. Those have been stalled, not only for the Boring Gray, but...well, they have (basically) short row heels. SR Heels do NOT fit my foot. I've tried.....they always migrate around. I'm a heel-flap-and-gusset girl - they fit my foot perfectly, the gusset cradles my high arches, and they DO NOT MOVE in my shoes. The FF socks? The gusset area is a bit baggy (but I can live with that), but the heel just doesn't cup my foot. I'm going to knit them again - in green, I think, with a stranded heel flap (I'm thinking green with a short-repeat multi, so it looks like flowers), and a stranded toe. We'll see - I need to find (or spin!) the perfect yarn. :lol:

I brought a ball of LL's Shepherd Sock in "1776" - her Liberty colorway. I'm thinking I need a pair of Monkeys out of it.....or maybe Feather and Fan. We'll see. Want to finish the FF's first. (Then I can wear my sheepie Chullo and my FF socks to the barn. :lol:) I don't have a small travel project - just Sweet Geek's sweater - so...socks. You can never have too many hand-knit socks. :lol:

Enough rambling.....I'm hoping Ms boss doesn't come in. I have socks to knit work to do!
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