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Is it Monday yet?

:ugh: I am tired. But happy - the barn is 90% (well, actually closer to 95%) done. The walls are all up (no more holes!), the roof.....that's a story.

See, the roof is 13'. The longest panels we had were 12...something. So...we knew we were gonna have to piece the top (you overlap the panels so it doesn't leak. Just FYI - some folk have never had to think about building stuff before. You're welcome. :lol:) So....we have all but 2 of the full panels on (I didn't sleep Saturday night, so I was exhausted to begin with Sunday morning. By 3...I was so tired I couldn't even *think*) (and those 2 will take..maybe 30 minutes. There's no cutting needed), and the pieces...which will take about 2 hours, maybe. Depends on how many pieces we need to cut.

The skylight panels look great, and let in plenty of light. We ended up with only 2 - instead of 3 sets of 2 panels, we did 2 sets of 3 - see, the skylight panels are only 8' long. To make them work, you have to use metal at both ends. On the milk room, we did 2 skylight panels.....well, 1 skylight panel isn't quite as wide as 1 R-panel, but 2 skylight panels are too wide. For the milk room, it wasn't a big deal - for the barn, it was, since we were tight on R-panel. We found out that 3 skylight panels = 2, that's what we did. We pieced 2 R-panel ends, then ran the 3 skylights, and kept going.

Final tally - we only needed 5 full R-panels for the roof, and 6 skylight panels. I had calculated 9 R-panels (and no skylight panels, because the R-panels were the expensive part. New, they run $45 EACH..the skylight panels? $12. BIG difference. Of course, we bought the R-panels used...but that's a good 4 hours to go get them. Time = money....) we have 3 full R-panels left, a bunch of scraps (which I hope will do most of the piecing on the roof), 1 R-panel that was split length-wise (which I think will finish the milk room roof) and 1 partial R-panel that was split length-wise. IF we're lucky, the pieces will finish the roof, and we can use the 3 full ones for the feed room door. If not....we'll go to the salvage yard and buy 3 white panels ($15/each for white 10', IF they have them. They don't carry the longer panels....Home Depot wants $28/each for 10'. cheap.) just to get it DONE. :sigh:

We still have no fence, but the gate is in - and Sweet Geek is off Friday (comp time for last week.) Fencing is a LOT faster than building - so I'm not worried there. We need to finish the inside - we need a gate to keep the does in, and we need to finish the feeder (run some wire along the bottom and attach the panel to hold the hay in. Those won't take too long, either...

AND, I need to get hay. I'm hoping we can do that Wednesday evening :fingers crossed:

Oh, I did install the mineral holder (and bought the minerals - go me!) and put in an eye hook for the water bucket. We intend to go with an automatic waterer....but haven't had the funds to pay a plumber to run the line yet. :sigh: Someday....until then, a 5 gallon bucket or 2 will have to do. (That's just in the barn; we'll have an outdoor trough, too.)

No knitting to report - we were busy!
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