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I knew better.....

but I didn't listen to myself. Wait - let me back up. :lol:

I have been knitting the Fiber Festival Socks by the Tsock Tsarina for...well, some time now. :lol: I had doubts about the heel from the beginning - I even wrote the lovely Tsocky and asked her about maybe changing it to my beloved flap-and-gusset.

See, I have interesting feet. A short-row heel (by any name) simply doesn't *work* for me. I've tried - my CSM socks have, for the most part, a short-row heel, and they DO NOT FIT correctly. I live with 'em, because when it only takes an hour to crank out a pair of wild, colorful socks, you don't mind slight imperfections. BUT....I have high arches, and kinda tall, narrow-ish heels. Flap-and-gusset heels fit *perfectly* (when I make the flap a little longer than normal - easy to do!), so......

Tsocky said, basically, "now, now - TRY this heel. It'll work! If you need to "customize it, I'll walk you thru it, but give it a try." Against my better judgement, I decided to go ahead and knit the sock as written - after all, the *designer* said it'll fit! I should trust her, right? (And, I didn't want anyone to say (y'now, those mysterious "Them") that I was "afraid" to try something new and different. Even though I HAVE tried various short-row heels...anyway.

I finished the first sock, and......against my better judgement, started the second. The whole time I've been working on it, I'm thinking - this ain't gonna work. No way - the heel is TOO SHALLOW. Not gonna fit...but I solidered on. I finished the toe on sock #2 yesterday, picked up the stitches for the cuffs (finally the FUN part!) and....decided to try it on "for real" (I'd tried both of them on while knitting, to make sure the foot was the right length before starting the toe. I ignored the heel.....Denial is SUCH a large river, y'know?)

Ugh. I was right - the heel DOES NOT fit my foot. It slides itself down to the BOTTOM of my heel, where it forms this lovely Lump. The arch is baggy - I can Live with that, I can't live with a non-fitting heel. :sigh: (I just tried it on again, to be sure I wasn't making things up. Nope - the heel turn is at the exact bottom of my heel....NOT the right spot. :bangs head: As a comparison, the short-row heel on my CSM-knit sock is right at the *back* of my heel. Still not quite where a flap-and-gusset heel has it, but it works. Sorta. :lol:)

I have 2 options: 1) Ignore the ill-fitting heel, and throw the socks in the drawer, never to be worn or 2) perform a foot-amputation, pick up the stitches on the foot to hold them, rip out the peasant heel (saving the yarn), picking up the stitches on the leg, knitting a properly-fitted flap-and-gusset heel, then carefully fit the foot and kitchner the whole shebang back together. (And do it *again* on the 2nd sock). I really don't have a choice - the socks are cute (although a bit drab for my tastes - I like to cut loose with my sock colors. The LOUDER the better!), and I bought the kit because, c'mon - the cuff is a SHEEP! And there's a spinning wheel on the ankle!

So that this isn't a totally depressing post, here's a couple photos of the socks in progress (photos taken this morning on my phone, so the quality isn't the best. Oh, well):


The pattern is well-written - I've only had a problem with her explanation of "loop stitch" - no matter how I tried (and I did - I even photocopied the instructions and sat them on top of the cuff instructions!), I couldn't get it to work. had a video that showed it clearly (and...different from Tsocky's. Oh, well - whatever works!), so I've got that......the sock itself is pretty basic. I *like* the look of it...but that heel! :shakes head: (Why, yes, there IS a hole at the heel there. It doesn't bother me, because a)if I was *keeping* this heel, I'd go in and fix it properly and b)this heel will get ripped out, so there's no point in fixing it, is there?)

Ah, well...I'll finish the sheepies, then I'll fortify myself with something alcoholic before performing surgery. :sigh: I want these things DONE so I can knit something fun and mindless.....probably another pair of Monkeys. I have that pattern *down*. :lol:

Oh, and from now on, I'll trust my instincts and go with the heel I *know* fits me. I've learned my lesson....
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