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It's Thursday...

and rain is forecasted. Of Course it is - we HAVE to get the fence up tomorrow, and finish roofing. Of COURSE it's supposed to rain!

No hay last night.....(this is funny). I called the guy yesterday morning, like he told me to. He said, "OK, what time tonight?". Bear in mind that we had DISCUSSED this already on Monday. I TOLD him where we worked, and what time we'd be getting there...and he said then it was NO PROBLEM. So...I said "Well, the earliest would be 5:30, but say 6:00 to be on the safe side." There was this long silence...then he busted out with "But it's DARK then!" I stifled my "No Shit, Sherlock!", because...well, that's just not lady-like. But, dude - I TOLD you Monday it would be late. :bangs head:

Upshot: we will meet him at 8 AM Saturday. :yawn: First time I've EVER had a problem giving someone almost $200 for something I need and they need to sell. :shakes head:

Fiber Festival sock #1 is DONE. (Except for the head. And, y'know, the surgery). The part I was dreading - the applied i-cord bind-off - was easy and fast. Now I'm working on sock #2...

(Brief digression) I went with this pattern because I wanted to challenge myself. I can knit socks all day long - they all follow the same "formula": Standard sock yarn at 8 stitches/inch on size 2s, CO 64 (or so), 2x2 rib for 1", knit for 5", flap-and-gusset heel, knit 'til the foot is the right length, then toe. I'll sometimes plug in a pattern, but, basically, that's it. All my socks are pretty much the same.

Tsocky's socks are all interesting. She uses interesting construction methods (one sock had you knit the heel first, pick up stiches and go from there (Seven Charkas, I'm looking at you!) - that one didn't interest me, so I don't know much about it, but it's interesting), and all of them are just off the beaten path enough that they are unique.

Fiber Festival has you start with a crocheted provisional cast on (I'd never done one!), peasant heel (ditto - and never will again, since it doesn't fit my foot), it uses slip-stitch patterning (ditto - it was fun, and I'm glad it's in my arsenal). When you're done, you unzip the CO, pick up stitches, and work the cuff UP (that's different!), and you use an applied i-cord to bind it off (Never done; it was easy and I can see many uses for it.) I *like* the socks, I'm glad I tried them, but I am going to rip out the heel and do a flap-and-gusset so I can actually, y'know, WEAR the socks. :lol:

I have her Vintage in the queue. I'm.....OK, it's toe-up (never done) with an inlaid leaf on the toe (should be...interesting). The heel.....I dunno about this one. I need to really study the pattern and see if I think it'll work. It's a "wine glass" heel, looks way-cool, and goes with the grapes over the instep. (Sounds cool, doesn't it? :lol:) I hazve to knit something like 60+ grape leaves (they attach to the cuff)....which will be different. (I'm thinking these are the perfect Shabbat socks...:lol:) It'll definately strech my knitting muscles!

I think my next pair of socks, though, will be one of my mindless-knitting ones. I need mindless after this go-round. And before I tackle Vintage. :lol:

Need to get back on my chullo, too - but I am SICK of these socks being unfinished, so they take priority. I do need a was 34* yesterday AM, and 46* this AM. Too cold to go without....:shudder:
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