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SO Tired....

helped co-worker bring home a large entertainment center last night, and I am exhausted. Didn't get home until 8:15, then couldn't sleep. :sigh: And it's RAINING again. :blargh:

Some people.....:sigh: I told co-worker a couple of years ago that I saw the $$ failing, and to get out of cash and into something tangible. So what did she do? She started collecting mass-produced ceramic gunk. :bangs head: (Hence the new entertainment center, to display all of 'em). I'm sorry, but when the dollar crashes (and it will), Lladro and Hummels aren't gonna be worth diddly.....but, whatever. I can only do so much. :sigh: (Let's not discuss how stoopid it is to spend OVER $8K on.....mass-produced stuff, OK? I'm not up to that right now. It's her money, and her choice..but.....I can't think like that.)

Sweet Geek is fencing today; we'll be loading (and UNloading) hay tomorrow and finishing the barn roof. Did I mention it's RAINING today? :shakes head:

Need to scavenge up some caffeine...I am beat.
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