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Weekend recap, now with pictures!

Since I did a quickie yesterday afternoon, I figured I could do a "proper" one now...but with pictures!'s what we had Saturday right before the does arrived:

The "nasty" looking hay is Sudan, and the goats LOVE it. They attacked it like they hadn't seen hay in *years*. My inner hay-snob is still shuddering over it, but hey - it's not for the horses, and the goats aren't as picky, so it's all good.

We finished the feeder and the door literally minutes before the does arrived. The feeder still needs a plywood "back" on it, to keep the hay from falling into the aisle. The door is very solid, but we're going to run a 2x4 diagonally for a bit extra "beef". The girls are already standing on it to demand their food. :lol: are the girls:

The blonde is Sun Dancer (Cashmere), the black-and-gray is Ladue (Cashmere), and the black-with-tan points is Zorra (Nubian x Cashmere). They have settled right in - Zorra is still a nervous wreck, but I have been assured that it is a normal thing for Nubians to freak out over everything new. The Cashmeres? Once they discovered the hay they were good; when we fed them? They were our friends for Life. :lol:

Closeups of the does:

You can see Sunny's fleece here. She's at about 17 microns, if I remember right. Soft isn't the word for it - I just wanna snuggle up to her.

Ladue's fleece isn't quite as fine - she's either 19 microns or 20 (which would make her have "Cashgora" instead of Cashmere....*I* can't tell the difference!). She's still soft, but not quite as soft as Sunny. Still....Cashmere. In my back yard (practically).

Zorra is my favorite. You can't help but love a clingy, frightened goat. :lol: She has NO cashmere on her at all...but the breeder said she *might* get some as she ages. She was an "oops" breeding - the buck went OVER a 7 foot fence to get to her mother. :blink: She's got good confirmation, and is so sweet - she's just a 'fraidy cat right now. I'm not really looking forward to our 2 Nubians arrival....they will be even *more* scared. (But...Nubian milk. Mmmmmmmmmmmm....)

One last shot - this one of the FINISHED barn (except for a 2'x 3' section over the milk room. Close enough to done for me!) This is the milk room - you can see the hole in the left hand corner. The rest of the barn is DONE (you can see that in the first picture..I took it yesterday afternoon....oh, well. :lol:)

The roofline has been problimatical. The milk room and feed room slope to the South; the barn proper slopes to the East. Not a problem in framing....but tieing in the 2 roofs Especially when Sweet Geek cut the corner posts of the barn 2' too SHORT. :sigh: It would have been easier if we'd had more room between the 2 roofs; the mistake meant both roofs were the *same height*. We figured it out - he raised the milk room corner 6" to tie it in on TOP of the barn.....we'll see how it works the next time it rains. IF it leaks, it'll be right over the biggie, and I can slap some tar over the inside to fix it.

In other news, the FF socks are DONE, and by done I mean done per the instructions. I was too tired last night to perform the footectomy...I'll try to do that tonight. Maybe - I brought my LL "Liberty" yarn with me today, some size 2 DPNs, and the Old Shale pattern. I need a new pair of easy socks.....

I really do. Most of my socks are 7 years old, and starting to wear. I gotta replace them, or I'll have no socks to wear (I only wear hand-made socks...yeah, I'm a sock-snob. That's why I knit! :lol:)

Photos of the socks, both pre- and post-surgery will be posted. Eventually....
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