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Good Morning!

I was up with the chickens this morning - 3:30. Yes, my silly birds were up and out in the run when I went to feed the 4-leggers at 4:45. Why up so early? Because my boss is a...never mind. :lol:

I hit Wally-world at 5 AM, and got me 4 pairs of slacks, 3 (very lightweight, therefore USELESS) sweaters, a couple long-sleeved tops, and a cute (but even more useless) short-sleeved sweater. Vest. Thing. Anything to appease the snob I work for, so my bonus won't go belly-up. boss doesn't pay well. Neither did Mr. Boss, but Mr. Boss gave FANTASTIC bonuses. Which Mrs boss HATES (less for *her* to have, see?). We figured it up yesterday - our bonuses are *30%* of our annual salary. Think about that a minute.....and tell me *you* wouldn't go spend a little money on clothes (you don't really need) to appease a greedy b***h. (I shouldn't call her names, but it's getting harder. She's "not greedy", though, according to her. :eye roll:)

About 10 years ago, Mr. Boss made us an offer: either (piddly) annual raises (about $100/month gross) or LARGE annual bonuses. I don't know about you, but....$1200/year vs. $4K (the first year..they've gone up every other year. Yeah. He was a generous man, when it came to "gifts")? No contest - sign me up for the annual bonus! (He was verbally abusive, but made up for it - whenever he'd go off on us, a few days later we'd get cash to "go out on a date with your husband/fella! You all need some relaxation!" It was....weird, but hey - I'll put up with a LOT if the payoff's worth it. He never *apologized* verbally, but did with gifts and stuff. Which, again, Mrs. boss HATED. Oh, well...)

Mrs boss feels we are "more than adequately paid". (See: not greedy, above) :sigh: Let's don't mention all the personal stuff we (mostly co-worker) does for her.....or the added crap we put up with all the time. It's....never mind.

Vent over......we get off at noon today, so I need to find something to do for the next 3.5 hours. :sigh:
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