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Previous Entry :ugh: Nov. 27th, 2009 @ 06:42 am Next Entry
No sleep last night for whatever reason. I was -and AM - exhausted, but...couldn't sleep. :bangs head: At least there are no plans for the day, other than having Dad over.

Did manage to finish the goat feeder after lunch/before the game yesterday. It's MUCH better, now - they can't push the hay out the back. I need to take photos.

Liberty Sock: at the heel flap. I had turned the heel, and moved down the gusset, but then tried it on. For some reason, I didn't knit the flap quite long enough. It fit, but...not "right". I dunno WHY I am having such a problem with heels lately. :sigh: Ah, well, I frogged it to the flap, and am (slowly - I am brain-dead) knitting it longer.

FF Sock: Haven't touched it. Won't until I get some sleep - don't wanna screw it up again. :sigh:

I feel so disconnected to everything lately.....think it's just the lack of sleep. :sigh: Will be hitting the Benedryl tonight, I think. :sigh:
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