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i love my loom....

it only took 3 hours to sley the reed and thread the heddles. ( reverted to my familiar ftd warping for this warp - why try something new on a new loom?)

it's cool that the heddles can be raised to a comfortable height for me. and the bench fits neatly inside the loom for ease of threading. and that everything wound on easily.

this warp will be napkins for us as well as a set of samples for a twill exchange i'm in. 8/2 cotton sett at 20 epi at 14" in the reed. mostly white with narrow rust stripes. i like how it looks.

i just need to finish tieing on in front, then away we go!

santa's been and gone, and left the kidlets some way cool stuff. ate the cookies, too. the family will converge around 11, and there will be food and fun and presents for all. *g*

merry christmas to all!
Tags: weaving

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