Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Rainy Sunday....

I need to do a photo-post.....need to take photos. :lol: Been busy this weekend (but not BUSY-busy!).

Let's see....we finished the goat feeder (added some laminate shelves to the back to keep the hay in. Works great, and were free! Win/Win!), put the *last* bit of tin on the roof over the milk room, burned a lot of the waste wood, started cleaning the garage, cleaned the Master Bedroom (Oh My Goodness, it was BAD. We've spent the last 6 months basically ignoring it; everytime I have to do a quick clean of the kitchen, the overflow went in there. It was..:shudder: It's CLEAN now, though. Thankfully!)

We put the shavings down in the goat barn - silly critters. (See my icon? That's Sunny, one of our Cashmeres. She has the FINEST fiber I've ever felt - 16 micron? 14? I dunno...but it's very very very soft. LaDue is closer to Cashgora - 19 micron or so; still soft, but no where NEAR what Sunny has.) They came in to see what we were doing....oh my. I didn't know that shavings are a goat's worst enemy - they snorted, they sniffed, they nibbled...and finally decided it was benign. :lol: Oh, and horse feed is DA BOMB - best stuff since Sudan hay. :lol:

I've also been knitting. The Liberty sock is cruising down the foot, the FF sock - it has a heel! And I'm cruising down the gusset decreases rushing to the point I can re-attach the foot. I'm hoping I have enough of the gray yarn left.....:ponders: I really don't want to have to order another skein...but will if I have to. I can always use the excess for mitts or something. I've been taking photos of the FF socks as they progress.....I'm over my faintness of cutting the foot off of FF #1. Not looking forward to doing the same to #2...but the heel fits SO much better, it's not funny.

Need to re-boot laundry, and maybe take a nap. I'll try to do photos later - depends on the light. It's all overcast and dreary outside - and humid. Oh, boy is it ever humid! Feels like a (cold) sauna out there (if that makes're wet the minute you walk outside. Freaky.)
Tags: blather, goats, knitting, socks

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