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Monday Monday...

It's a cold and damp Monday....might get *gasp* SNOW! tomorrow night! Just a few flurries, yes, but...SNOW. :lol: Right. I'll believe it when I see it.

Herself is working on a felt dragon (I got the pattern off of's by L D Henson, and it's cute. Tiny, but cute). She conned Himself into learning to sew so he could stitch it up for her, he's sewing, and he says, all studious-like "Mom, when I finish this, I want to learn to knit." :large pause:

OK. I was deep in the throes of sock-nirvana. It would be an imposition to stop right then - I was trying the blasted thing on! I wanted to knit......what did I do? Simple. I Sat.The.Knitting.DOWN, jumped up, dug out the leftover handspun that matched his hat and fingerless mitts, grabbed some size 7 wooden straights, and cast on 15 stitches. I was waiting patiently for him to finish the seam...:lol:

He picked it up pretty quickly. He now has about 1.5" done, with NO mistakes (he catches them quickly, and watches me fix them) He said he even *dreamed* about knitting. :nods head: Yeah, he's got it bad......and he'll have a scarf to show for it. :lol:

Herself watched a bit, but is more interested in clay. And she's pissed that he's not sewing up *her* dragon. :lol:

Speaking of socks, the FF sock is almost ready to re-graft the foot. 3 more rows, I think...we'll see. Then I get to do it all over again on sock #2. :lol:

Gotta skitter!
Tags: blather, kids, knitting, socks

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