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Oh, will be FUN /sarcasm

Yes, it's 3:45 AM...and I am awake. Still. yup - NO sleep at all tonight. I figured out why....but don't see a solution, so I need to get used to it. :sigh: Yeah, let's see....Pissy Boss/no sleep. Yup. This'll be FUN.

Started a fingerless mitt for Sweet Geek..had to put it down because I couldn't tell my knits from my purls (yes, I'm THAT tired). There's *nothing* on TV after about midnight......there was a really lame documentary about chrischuns and Jews (stupid. It claimed that the church WAS NOT responsible for the anti-Semitism so rampant. your damn history books! See: Constantine, and go from there.)

My wrist is all kinds of messed up. I think it's a combination of no sleep/weather. :sigh: More fun stuff...and there's nothing I can take for it. :sigh:

Taking the Jeep in for service in 3 hours. Good times, good times.

Snips is on my shitlist - she decided yesterday that my custom-dyed roving (designated for kilt hose) needed to be taken outside to be washed by the cold, freezing rain. And the pretty red Dragonhair 2-ply needed to play on the swingset. :grrr: I have NEVER had a dog that did NOT learn from punishment. Never. This dog is super-destructive....and driving me nuts. (Yes, I've had working dogs before. Odie was a Red Heeler - the only thing he never "got" was not chasing cars. It was instinct at work. MacKenzie was a Border Collie - when I told her NO on a teddy bear, she assumed I meant ALL stuffed animals, and that was that. Loki - a Red Heeler/Border Collie cross - watched the other dogs - if they did something and got reprimanded, she didn't do it. Snips? Will NOT leave yarn/wool/toys alone (and..she doesn't have any stuffed dog toys, because I honestly don't think she could tell the difference), she LOVES to destroy socks, the trash can is her playground, and she will NOT stay inside - if the door is open, she'll run you down to go out of it. She seems to *thrive* on negative attention.) I am at my wits end....and was BEFORE the lack of sleep. (She's gotten into the trash *4* times tonight, with me sitting her telling her NO. Stupid mutt.)

:ugh: I am SO not looking forward to today. Sorry to be a downer...but there it is.
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