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Previous Entry Photo Post! Dec. 9th, 2009 @ 10:22 am Next Entry
I've been a busy girl today. Stayed home because Mom has a PET/CAT (not sure which one) scan, and wasn't sure she'd be done in time to pick up the kids from school. No biggie - I am home, and...well, I took photos. (And did 3 loads of laundry, fed critters, hugged goats, fed kids, and knit a bit.) Here,

First up, my Chullo hat, V.2.0. The first one was *WAY* too small...it'll make a nice kippa, I think (but I really think it's too small for that, even) - this one FITS. In fact, it's a little loose, but I can fix that with a quick dip in the washer.

It's pretty much the same colors as V.1.0...except I changed the bottom green to the lighter one (because at 4 AM, "green" means green, not necessarily DARK Green. :ahem:), and added 2 rows of the dark green at the bottom of the sheep motif. I'm still mulling over adding 2 rows of dark green at the top...probably not, but we'll see.) Oh, for reference, here's a shot of V.1.0:

Since I am working with 3 colors at a time right now, I rigged up a yarn organizer to keep the yarns tangle-free. What'd'ya think of this:

Yes, it's a watering can, and yes, it works GREAT. A bit of a hassle to move it around...but this really isn't travel knitting. It's more "sit on the couch and knit" knitting. :lol:

My current socks project:

Yarn is Lorna's Laces in the "Liberty" colorway. I LOVE this colorway - I have a pair of plain socks in it, and wanted to do something a little more "patriotic". This fits the bill...oh, and check out the foot:

Do you see what the yarn did there? Do you? Do you? (psssst: It's a backwards American Flag! While I kinda feel funny about it....isn't that too cool???? Sweet Geek said it was OK....since he's a Marine, I'll leave it. :grin:)

Oh....and you know my Fiber Festival socks? The ones that I had to perform surgery on? Well........

Here they are, pre-heel replacement. This is how they are *supposed* to look, per the pattern.

Now, short-row heels/peasant heels/afterthought heels simply don't fit my foot correctly. I've tried them all (now, anyway!), and ALL of them wiggle themselves around, and usually end up under my arch - which is VERY uncomfortable. I did write the designer of these socks and asked her about them....she told me to give them a try - short row heels really did fit, they just had a "bad rap". She also said if I had fitting problems, she would talk me thru modifying them so they'd fit. (NOTE: I did NOT take her up on this. Not because I don't think she couldn't help me - she is a BRILLIANT designer, and probably could make some sort of adjustment that would make these heels perfect for me. I...I had spent so much time on these socks already- I started them in March, I think - that I just wanted them DONE. So.....) I thought about it....then decided to go ahead and do my preferred heel. This would involve surgery.....

I had to let the socks sit after I cut off the foot. It took about a week-week and a half before I could look at them without feeling faint or sick. :grin: (All that work....cut apart. It's traumatic!) I finally decided I needed a wearable pair of socks, so I got to work.

Here's the heel flap, right after I picked up the gusset stitches. Normally, I'd knit a 2.5" flap; on this pair I got so into the slip-stitch pattern that I kept going. This flap is 3"...I like the way it fits. I'm not sure I'll keep doing a 3" flap - my Liberty socks have one - I'll have to see how it wears. I have a feeling I'll go to a 2.75" flap instead...we'll see.

I've knit the gusset, and done all the decreases. Once I make sure the length is right, I'll be ready to graft the foot back on.

The length is good - here you can see the foot in position, ready to be surgically reattached. I think I need a stiff drink or 2...

I just finished grafting the first 2 needles together. I actually don't mind grafting - I kinda enjoy it. Kitchner stitch isn't difficult, just fiddly....I like the way it seamlessly attaches 2 pieces of knitting - it's like a magic trick.

Ta-da! Finished socks! AND they fit perfectly!

You'll note the small glass sheep's head there - the pattern called for a wool felt sheep's head. After all I've been through with these socks, the thought of a wool head being ruined really upset me. I found these beads/pendants on eBay....and now I have cashmere goat socks! :lol: I glued a pin-back to them so I can remove them for washing.

I am totally happy with these socks now! Next time, though, I'll listen to my inner-knitter. When it tells me that this part of the pattern won't work, I'll believe it!

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