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bah humbug.....or - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry bah humbug.....or Dec. 25th, 2004 @ 04:59 pm Next Entry
welcome to countermarche hell. if you'll just take a seat there, we'll be right with you to f**k up your shed. have a nice day!

let me back up a bit. christmas was wonderful. santa got the kids almost everything they wanted, the family got them the rest (and it was all non-expensive, so that was a plus!), the food was great, everyone pretty much got along....the dogs were locked outside and the water faucets all thawed out. it was a good day.

except for the loom. see, char told me that she thought we were bonding....*snerk*. maybe so - then. now......it's lucky i couldn't get it out the door before our bonfire died. (we burn trash out here.....all the wrapping paper, all the boxes, all the trash i had been saving - gone up in smoke. it was a pretty fire....while it lasted.)

i have tied the damn thing up 4 times. i have no idea how the previous owner wove on it - nothing was balanced or level. so, i undid almost everything - i left the jacks and harnesses as they were - and started over. and over. and *over*

the jacks won't stay level when i take the locking pin out. the lamms are all level, both the short ones and the long ones. the treadles are tied up at *exactly* 6" (i even got my quilting square out to be sure - don't laugh unless you can tell me *right*now* exactly how long 6" is. guys, i don't want to hear it, unless you can prove it to me, ok? and don't tell me that countermarche tie-ups excite you that much - i don't believe a word of it.)

the shed is weavable, but not big. right now, some of the tieup cords are loose - the locking pin is out; i think i'll try tightening those cords and see what happens. otherwise, i give up...for now.

the damn thing won't defeat me. if i have to, i'll buy the damn video. i don't know anyone in the area with a countermarche that would be willing to drive out here to help...so i'm pretty much on my own. i have to master it - the jack loom is gone gone gone - or i can't indulge my weaving bug. or my dishtowel fetish. or my mil's dishtowel fetish - she took an unhemmed dishtowel and gleefully carried it off. wouldn't even let me attempt to hem it up, i wasn't allowed to touch it. *g*

off to munch leftovers, then it's back to countermarche vs. me....countermarche 3, me 0. grrrrrrrrrrrr.
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The possessed iPod says:: some dvd himself got from santa
spin a yarn
Date:December 26th, 2004 12:01 am (UTC)
Considering my track record for comments, I won't say anything (except I hear the video is great and will walk you through the whole thing). Good luck!

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Date:December 26th, 2004 01:32 am (UTC)


*snicker* that's ok - i figured it out!

i keep falling back on the jack loom philosophy, and i need to stop. you can't tie up just the treadles you *need*, you have to tie up all 6. stupid me!
(spin a yarn)
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