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Friday Round-up...

Let's see..first off, Happy Hannukah! It begins tonight at sundown. The kids are SO excited....I think we'll go ahead and start celebrating tonight, as well (I wanted to wait until tomorrow, but Sweet Geek overruled me. No biggie - our menorah is ready, I have new candles, so......present-time begins tonight! :lol:

"Finished" fingerless mitt V.4.0 #1 yesterday. It's created quite a stir...I now have to knit a pair for Sweet Geek, modify V.3.0 for Himself...and probably make a pair for Herself (although she hasn't commented. Yet. :grin:) Finished is in "", because I still need to do the convertable mitten top...I CO #2 instead. I wanted to knock it out while I still remembered what I did on #1. :lol: Plus....these are in ragg yarn (1 ply dark brown, 1 ply cream. Barber-pole looking.). I've been mulling over maybe doing the top in dark brown, with ragg ribbing at the palm.....I showed Sweet Geek, and he said...."Hmmmm. OK..oh! :going over to my handspun stack: I want MY next pair to be dark brown, with....hey - will *this* work as the top? :picking up the blood-red dragonhair yarn (wool, silk, mohair, and holograpic fiber yarn - deep red and sparkly. No vampire-jokes, please! :lol:)" Ummmm...sure! Let me finish MY pair, and I'll get started on those. :lol: I'm not sure the dragonhair will hold up to working conditions, but...most of the work will be done with the tops flipped back, so it should be OK. (Although the thought of mixing *my* handspun with Woolease is really squicking me...:grin:)

Himself is agitating to start a hat. And wants me to buy more books NOW. He even offered to buy them HIMSELF if I would take him to the bookstore. :boggles: If I hadn't already gotten all their presents, I'd pick up some gift cards to Half Price for them......(my son is addicted to books! :huzzah!:)

Herself has brought her History grades up to a 70 (from a 43. :blink:) Yes, she FINALLY "found" the missing homework. :shakes head: She's also gone to tutoring....not that she needs it. What she needs is an organizational system that works for Aspies. Haven't found anything of that sort yet. :sigh: Still, this is progress!

Liz Curtis Higgs' next book is due out in early March - she's a fantastic author, and a good (internet) friend of mine. "Here Burns My Candle" is a retelling of the Ruth and Naomi story, set in 1785 Scotland. I can't wait - soon as my paycheck hits, I'll be pre-ordering a copy. :bounce:

I've pretty much come to peace over the bonus situation. I guess I don't need a new dryer right now (let alone a set)....the funds left over from the taxes will go to my favorite charity (I always donate 10% of my bonus. After a LOT of talk, we decided I would still do that, even though this year I have to make up part of it out of the 15th paycheck. Yeah - I can't afford to donate 10% otherwise, the taxes take up that much of the bonus. :sigh:) Still...I feel that's what Yah wants me to do, so....I'll do it. We'll buy the new washer/dryer set with our IRS refund. Hopefully. :grin: (And yes, we want to go ahead and get a complete set. The current set is 9 years old - the washer's been worked on 5 times, the dryer..once or twice. Sears just doesn't build the quality appliances that they used to, and their service SUCKS now. So.....we're slowly replacing all the Kenmore products with other ones....the refrigerator was replaced with a reconditioned Jenn-Air, the W/D will be Maytag (Bravos if I can swing it! LOVE the lack of agitator in the washer!), the dishwasher will be replaced soon (the baskets are all rusting, and it's been repaired twice in the 6 years we've had it).....yeah, Sears' quality sucks. :sigh: I mean - everything except the W/D were bought new when the house was built in 2003....the fridge has already died, the DW has been repaired twice.....both are/were Kenmore. Need I say more?)

I *am* going to be allowed to splurge a bit out of this paycheck, though. For my birthday Sweet Geek said I could buy some sock yarn.....:evil grin: I'm trying to decide if I want to spend it on the pricey, I never buy it because it's too much money yarn, or if I want to buy the so inexepensive I can get even more skeins yarn. I'm leaning towards the pricey stuff....I don't get to do that often. (And I can go to DBNY and get it cheaper...:lol:) We'll see......

Not much else to report.....Shabbat Shalom and Happy Hannukah!
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