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It's Monday...

and I'm wearing my new burfday earrings! They're lovely - and so far everyone loves them. They're amazed that Herself made them. :grin: Need to get pictures......

We're going to lunch at the Mercury today - hence the new earrings. :lol:

Yesterday we excavated the weaving room. It had gotten bad - EVERYONE has been piling stuff in there instead of putting it where it belongs (egg cartons/empty 1 gallon jugs/excess pots/pans..that sort of thing.) - we couldn't even get IN the door. :sigh: It's all better now, and it will STAY that way. I need to weave.....I have 2 warps ready to go, but couldn't get to the loom. Now, I can. :grin: Just need to block out enough time to actually dress the loom.....

I have baclava for breakfast. Yes, the honey will tear up my stomach. Don't care - it was a gift, and I'm eating it. :nods: Nummmy nummy chocolate-covered baclava.....:lol:

Need to get to work...
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