Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Not sure I can post in the morning...

see, the office is Closed. Until 2010. We do this every year....only, *I* have to go in for a few hours to do the contract work. Meh, no biggie....

I will be hauling the kidlets in with me. I've got most of the work done - just need to print off a few things, then get approval from the Financial Advisor and print the checks. Then we're done.

We'll be meeting Sweet Geek for lunch, then hitting the Mall :shudder: so the kids can spend their holiday funds/allowances. I need to hit Lush for some conditioner.....then it's home again, home again. The kids are excited. :shrug:

Socks....Sweet Geek now has 3 pairs of new socks. I need to switch to the 54 cylinder and crank some out for Herself and me. Himself said he *didn't need any more socks* :gasp: :twitch: I had to sit down - the room spun around for a few minutes, there - I mean, HOW can the child of a dedicated SOCK KNITTER say that he DOES NOT NEED any more socks? (I'm still woozy over that one..:lol:) I need to find some more pretty yarn for him, I think....

Sweet Geek made Leek Soup tonight. Smells good, but has potatoes in it, so no Soup for Me. :lol:

I'll try to post tomorrow...but it might be late. I'm gonna go work on some yarn reviews now. :grin:
Tags: blather, csm, kids, socks

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