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We got here at 7 AM; by 7:30 I was DONE. Figures. *I* had counted on Murphy's Law, and that the 'net would be down, or the printer jammed, or something...nope. It all went quickly. :sigh: We're stuck until the FA gets here. I emailed him....we'll see.

The kids had a fun time on the drive in - all the Big Buildings! The Lights! Then NAMES on the buildings! (We're from a small town, ya'll - this is cool stuff when you're 12 and 9!). Stopped at "my" Starbucks - they LOVED that! The baristas LOVED Herself's fish hat...and then Sweet Geek surprized us by showing up as well. :huggles:

Let's see...the sock total for the weekend is 6.25. Sweet Geek has 3 new pairs of socks (2 need the toes closed), and Herself has 1/4 of one done. It would have been more, but I was futzing with the CSM.

See......I have 2 CSMs. No, I didn't *pay* for 2 complete ones - I can't afford that! When I bought mine in 2001, it was $650 (and that's STILL a lot of money!) - there were no new ones available, only reconditioned ones. This one arrived in ready-to-knit shape, with 2 cylinders, 1 ribber, all the accessories, and needles. It was set up with the 54 cylinder, which is PERFECT for me and the kids. (There are new ones out now, from New Zealand. The *cheapest* I've seen them for is $1,500....which is WAY out of my league. The $650 was, too...but my first husband and I had a deal - if one of us spent over $100 on something not necessary (like.....more firearms/costuming stuff/whatever), the spouse got the SAME amount in cash to spend as they liked. My husband was a gun collector....I get having some, I really do...but when he died, I unloaded (pun intentional): 4 single-actions, 3 long rifles, 1 pre-ban semi-auto, 2 authentic Colt revolvers (1 2nd gen, 1 3rd gen), 1 semi-auto (I kept 1, as well), and I don't know HOW many knives/swords/ammo. It was...well.....MORE than enough. Honestly. Oh - I forgot the black powder pistol - THAT's the one I got my CSM from. And I didn't spend as much as he did on that particular pistol. :sigh: It's also why I have a small spinning wheel collection, and such a nice loom (although I traded up on it.)

Years went by...and Sweet Geek came along. He was fascinated by the CSM (most guys are - they're very cool-looking machines!), and wanted socks. So, I obliged. The 54 made a sock too small for him - he has lovely legs, perfect for kilt hose..but they're a bit larger than mine. So...deep breath...we switched the cylinders. The 72 will spit out socks, but the ribber doesn't work with it (still not sure why....I have a few ideas, though.) Anyway...switching the cylinders is *work*, and takes I've left the 72 in, and not done socks for me or the kids (the 72 makes socks that sag on me. :sigh: NOT good in a sock!)

About...6 months or so ago, I found a CSM frame and cam ring on eBay. I showed it to Sweet Geek, explained that IF it worked, we would effectively have 2 CSMs. He told me *he'd* go as high as $125 (still a lot of money, but IF it worked, a bargain!) I bid. And won. Got it, unpacked it, put it all together with my 54 cylinder..and ignored it. (That's my SOP with expensive new things.....if I'm not sure of it, I ignore it. It's worked so far! :lol:)

Anyway. Last night, I decided to take the plunge. I oiled it up, added needles, and started cranking with waste yarn. After fiddling with the tension (it was WAY too loose), I added in some waste sock yarn...and got a perfect tube! I added in Herself's yarn, and am now down to the heel. It works!!!! Haven't tried the ribber with it yet, but I now have 2 working CSMs! I can crank out socks for everybody now, with no time-consuming changes! :happy dance:

So...I'm back to my: hand-knit the awesome yarn, crank up the not-so-awesome. I'm also doing a comparison - cranking out a pair, AND hand-knitting a pair of some yarns, to compare the life/feel of the socks. So far, Lorna's Laces does about the same both ways, the Salvia is DEFINATELY a CSM yarn, and Trekking can go either way. The life seems about the same for both ways. :shrug: The CSM excels in plain-Jane socks. You CAN do some pattern-knitting on it, but for miles and miles of plain knit it can't be beat. I went thru the stash yesterday...I got a lotta cranking to do. :lol:

Back to waiting.....the kids are quietly reading, I'm about to grab my knitting. Life is good!
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